so what is Fixed Wireless?

Prior to becoming nbn-ready, every address in the country is mapped by the nbn™ to determine the type of network technology used to service your address, with each technology being installed in its own unique way

There is currently a mixture of seven core technolgy types that are used to install the nbn™ and Fixed Wireless is one of these.

When a home is connected using Fixed Wireless , data is sent wirelessly from a transmission tower to an antenna that's fitted to your roof. A cable is passed inside your home which connects the antenna that's been installed to an nbn connection box

The nbn will install all of this equipment free of charge at your address when you first connect.

nbn™ Fixed Wireless setup

nbn fixed wireless

Your nbn Connection Box will need to be located close to an existing telephone wall socket and power outlet inside your premises. If you don’t have an existing telephone wall socket, your technician will help you find the best location.

amaysim also recommends keeping the following things in mind when choosing where you want the connection box to be installed.

  • Choose a cool, dry ventilated area away from any water outlets
  • Choose an area that’s easily accessible in case you need to check the connection status lights

The key thing to remember is that your connection box should be installed in a location that you’re completely comfortable with.

how will it take for my Fixed Wireless connection to be activated?

Once you've signed up, we'll begin setting up your connection free of charge ($0 standard activation fee).

  • If your address has already connected to the nbn, your amaysim service will usually be activated within 5-7 business days of signing up
  • If your address is connecting to the nbn for the first time, the process to activate your service can take 2 - 4 weeks if an nbn technician needs to install the above equipment at your home

not sure if the nbn is available in your area?

simply let us know your address and we'll let you know