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nbn™ made amazingly simple

We've pulled together everything you need to know about nbn broadband.


aussies everywhere are confused by the nbn

More than half the population is completely unprepared.

weighing up

we donʼt understand how it differs from our current internet

Almost 60% of us canʼt get our heads around the difference between nbn broadband and ADSL home internet.


some even think they donʼt need the nbn

And over nine million Aussies are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to switch.


but weʼll all need to switch to the nbn by 2020

At the peak of the national rollout, an Aussie will be connected to the nbn every three seconds.

here’s everything you need to know about nbn broadband in 90 seconds

We’re here to make nbn internet plans amazingly simple

Need a crash course to get up to speed on the nbn? We can fill you in on 10 years of nbn chatter, debates and developments in less than two minutes.

nbn broadband – the essentials

what is the nbn and what does nbn stand for?

nbn stands for National Broadband Network. As the name suggests, the nbn is a country-wide internet service dedicated to giving us access to faster and better broadband, one Aussie address at a time.

why should I get nbn?

It’s fast. It’s reliable. Plus, you’ll have to get an nbn internet plan at some point as the new network rolls out across the country.

how is the nbn different from my current internet?

The existing technology that’s used to power up your home internet was initially intended just to make phone calls – needless to say, it’s not quite up to scratch for what we need it to do today. The nbn uses upgraded technology designed specifically to supply faster internet to Aussies everywhere.

is the nbn really that fast?

It sure can be! Depending on what speed you choose, you can get up to 100 Mbps download speeds (FYI, that’s super fast!).

when will I get nbn at my house?

The nbn is rolling out across Australia right now. Check your address to see when you’ll be getting nbn broadband.

see if your home is nbn-ready

check your address to see what the installation process will be for your home

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what you can count on amaysim nbn for

no lock-in contracts

give lock-in contracts the flick

Don’t get tied down. Enjoy the flexibility of life without contracts.

discover freedom
unlimited data

unlimited data

Get all the data youʼll ever need. Itʼs all memes and cat videos from here on in.

unlimited plans
pick your speed

one-decision nbn plans

There’s only one decision you’ll ever have to make: how fast do I want it?

pick your speed
walk in the park

what are the key benefits of the nbn?

nbn internet plans are making our digital lives a walk in the park

Superfast internet, endless entertainment options and a reliable connection make all your online activity easier, regardless of whether it’s for work or play.

Get more info on the benefits of nbn broadband plans


understanding the nbn speeds

It’s not as tricky as it sounds – promise!

With amaysim, you only need to make one decision when you’re picking your nbn internet plan – how fast you want it. To pick your nbn broadband speed, take into account factors like how much data you use, who you share your internet with and how many devices you have connected.

Learn more about the nbn broadband speeds

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