What does 'auto-renew' mean?

Quick answer

Auto-renew is when your amaysim mobile plan automatically renews at the end of your plan’s expiry period. It's the hassle-free way to ensure your amaysim service is uninterrupted and means you won’t need to lift a finger to recharge your plan each month.

We'll renew your plan by charging the plan cost to your selected payment method (e.g. a credit card, debit card or PayPal account) - if you have any amaysim credit in your account, we'll use that first and charge the remaining balance to your active payment method

Enable auto-renew to get your mobile plan upgrade

If auto-renew for your mobile plan is disabled, your plan will not renew and in this case, the upgrade to the new plan inclusions will not be applied on your next renewal.

To enable your auto-renew for your mobile plan, simply follow either of the below options:

Use the amaysim app

Manage auto-renew through the amaysim app, log in to the app and swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Click manage your plan and you’ll be able to enable auto-renew for your plan.

Use My amaysim

To manage auto-renew through My amaysim, log in to your account on our website, head to Manage Plan. Here you’ll be able to enable auto-renew for your plan in the
Plan Settings area at the top of the page.

Be rest assured that you can disable your auto-renew anytime by logging back into the amaysim app or My amaysim and disable the setting. Or, simply text STOP UNLIMITED to 568 to switch off auto-renew.

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