What you can do with a 1GB Data Plan

A basic guide to a 1GB mobile Data Plan

1GB Data Packs are great for occasional users

For the budget-conscious or for people who don’t use much mobile data, a 1GB amaysim Data Pack is ideal.

To give you an idea of what a 1GB mobile Data Plan might look like for typical use – like YouTube, web surfing, Skype and Internet TV, check out the quick guide below. Please note these calculations are estimates only.

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Excess rate 7.2c/MB. T&Cs and Fair Go policy applies.
Critical Information Summaries

What do you get for 1GB?

1GB of... Looks like... How we worked it out...
Email            20,480 text-only emails                1 text-only email = 50kb
Web surfing        Nearly 7 hours of web surfing
   (General surfing only – no videos)
2.5MB per minute = 150MB per hour
YouTube        27 x 5 minute 720p video clips        5 mins of YouTube = 37.5MB at 720p
Internet TV
4 hours of ABC iView OR
  Nearly 2 hours of Foxtel On Xbox 360
ABC iView*: 250MB = 1 hour
       Foxtel On Xbox 360~: 540MB = 1 hour
51 hours of voice calls OR
6.5 hours of camera calls
No cameras: 360KB / min = 21MB / hour
With cameras^: 2.6MB / min = 156MB / hour


We gratefully acknowledges the research and hard work done by the team at whistleout.com.au who trialled and tested these forms of data. Our calculations are estimates based on their data testing. These calculations may differ from your recorded usage patterns. Our estimates were calculated on 17th December 2012.  What could I get with 2.5GB?

How much mobile data do you really need?

Using mobile data is now so common that it’s easy to need more than you think. That’s why we recommend looking at your monthly usage to see how much mobile data you really use.

To choose the right mobile Data Plan, you need to look at two factors:

  • How much mobile data do you know you use?
  • How much mobile data do you use without noticing?

How much is enough? Maybe you don’t watch a lot of YouTube. But when you consider that videos are embedded in nearly everything, from online newspapers to Facebook to review sites or online help, you may download more data than you think. Check out our data calculator for an estimate of how much moble data you might need each month.

Even repeat performances count. Every time you click on a video and it starts streaming, your device may download the entire video even if you stop watching part way through. And how many times have you shown someone else a funny clip you just watched? Yep, we often re-download content without really thinking.

Speed of download versus file size. When you download data, it’s easy to get confused with speed versus file size. You might notice a download speed of “168.2Kb/s” but this is not the file size. Speed is measured in Bits, but the size of a file and your data usage is tracked and measured in Bytes. It’s important to notice the file size you’re downloading, not how fast you’re downloading.


Give me more!

Now you understand what you can get with a 1GB mobile Data Plan. Explore what you could do with our other award-winning amaysim mobile Data Plans. 1GB, 2.5GB and 4GB plans all expire every 30 days. Our 10GB mobile data plans last for 365 days.

Once you've used up your amaysim MOBILE BROADBAND Data Pack (or it has expired) you can swap to another any time. That means you could have a 1GB Data Pack one month, a 2.5GB Data Pack the next - our Data Plans are designed to be as flexible and simple as possible.