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Powered by the superfast Optus 4G Plus network, our range of Data Plans are simple, low cost and free from lock-in contracts. Whether you’re a surfer, sharer or streamer, we’ve got the Data Plan to match your browsing personality. If you’re unsure, our data calculator can help estimate your monthly usage to make choosing an amaysim Data Pack even easier.

Powered by the
Optus 4G Plus network
No lock-in contracts
Free 3 Hour SIM delivery
Sydney CBD
BYO device

1GB Data Plan

/30 days
1GB data
7.2c/MB excess data
4G/3G enabled
KB rounding
Auto-renews every 30 days
All in Oz

2.5GB Data Plan

/30 days
2.5GB data
7.2c/MB excess data
4G/3G enabled
KB rounding
Auto-renews every 30 days
All in Oz

4GB Data Plan

/30 days
4GB data
7.2c/MB excess data
4G/3G enabled
KB rounding
Auto-renews every 30 days
All in Oz

10GB Data Plan

/365 days
10GB data
7.2c/MB excess data
4G/3G enabled
KB rounding
Data expires after 365 days
All in Oz

Download and uploads included. T&Cs and Fair Go policy apply. For full details about our products please see our Critical Information Summaries. You'll need to be using a 4G enabled device and be in a 4G coverage area to access 4G.

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Why amaysim?

  • Powered by the Optus 4G Plus network
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Prepaid and postpaid options for all plans
  • Awarded Most Satisfied Customers, CHOICE member survey 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What modem or dongles can I use?

    You can use any unlocked modem or dongle with your amaysim Data Pack or one that is compatible with the Optus Network. To get the most out of the superfast Optus 4G Plus network, you'll need a device that's 700MHz compatible.

    Most modems are 'locked' by the operator so it's best to check with your current provider. When you are ready to set up your device read our internet and APN set-up instructions for more details.

  • What do I get with my amaysim Data Pack?

    All you have to do is BYO your own mobile, tablet or laptop and choose from one of our four Data Packs – 1GB, 2.5GB, 4GB or 10GB. When you buy one of our Data Packs you'll enjoy the following in Australia:

    • No lock-in contracts;
    • KB data rounding;
    • Excess data rate of 7.2c/MB;
    • 30 day expiry and auto-renewal for the 1GB, 2.5GB and 4GB Data Packs;
    • 365 expiry and no auto-renewal for the 10GB Data Pack.

    These rates are for use in Australia, but international data roaming is also available here at amaysim.

    T&Cs and Fair Go policy apply.

  • How is my data charged?

    Each session will be rounded up to the nearest 1KB. The length of a session depends on the brand and model of your smartphone as well as its data and app management settings. We recommend it's best to check your device user guide to find out more and stay in control of your data spending.

  • How do I renew my amaysim Data Pack?

    To take the hassle out of payment and so you have access to data when you want it, we automatically renew your data pack every 30 days (unless you are on the 10GB data pack). If you're a Post-paid customer, your data pack will be added onto your monthly bill. For Pre-paid customers, you just need to make sure you have enough credit in your account or have nominated a credit card or bank account with us. Easy. Of course, you're free to leave us at any time (we don't think you'll want to though) you'll simply forfeit what's left of your data.

  • Will I be notified before my data allowance expires?

    Of course! We'll send you usage alerts via email and text message to let you know when you've used 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance. It can take up to 48 hours for these messages to send, so we recommend keeping an eye on your data usage in My amaysim or in our free amaysim app for Apple and Android.

    If you still want to keep using data after you've reached your Data Pack's allowance, we'll charge you at the casual rate of 7.2c/MB. You'll need extra credit in your account if you're Prepaid, but if you're Postpaid you'll find the charges on your next monthly bill. You can also add another data pack to your account.

    Read more about amaysim DATA in our help section 

  • Can I tether with amaysim?

    You sure can - you're free to tether or use your mobile device as a personal hotspot with the included data in FLEXI, UNLIMITED 3GB, UNLIMITED 5GB, UNLIMITED 9GB and any of our Data Packs. While we do support tethering for iPhones, Androids and other mobile devices, we do not provide personal hotspots for iPads. AS YOU GO customers will be charged at the casual rate of 7.2c/MB when they tether.

Small but important details: You need an amaysim SIM card and an unlocked mobile device which works on a 3G/HSPA network to access mobile broadband. To access the 4G network you’ll need a 4G compatible device and to be in an area with 4G coverage. Not available for proprietary Blackberry services such as email, data MMS or internet. Data usage calculated in 1KB increments per session. The included data can only be used within Australia. Your 1GB, 2.5GB or 4GB mobile broadband Data Pack will automatically renew on expiry as a standard setting. If you have used up all the allowed data in your 1GB, 2.5GB, 4GB or 10GB Data Pack you may purchase another Data Pack or be charged at the As You Go price for data. Additional charges apply for international roaming. Not available in N.T. T&C's and Fair Go policy apply.