How reliable is amaysim home internet?

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amaysim's internet services are designed to make your home internet experience amazingly simple and with unlimited data and speeds that help you get the most out of your connected devices, you’ll stay connected to a fast and reliable internet connection when it matters mos

amaysim home internet

Both the nbn™ and LBNCo use a modern architecture that is designed specifically for the high speed transfer of internet traffic. This means once connected to amaysim, you'll enjoy the speeds and reliability of Australia’s next generation broadband technology.

Whether you’re an individual looking to stream Netflix on your Ultra HD TV, or a family who needs to connect a number of different devices simultaneously, the speeds and unlimited data provided across our range of home internet plans will ensure you can continue doing what you love online without disruption.

Will my connection be affected during peak times?

For factors that are in the control of amaysim, our policy is to only use high quality network partners and where possible, set our own network levels to a standard that allows customers to experience speeds as close as possible to the maximum speed of their plan at all times.

This includes configuring our gateway in a way that provides users with a reliable internet connection during both peak and off-peak time periods.

With our three available nbn speed tiers, you can expect the below speeds during the peak evening period.

What factors impacts can impact my internet experience?

There are a range of different factors that can impact your internet experience, including network congestion. Some of these factors are controlled by amaysim and our network partners, while others are controlled by the end user.

The following factors can also impact the data transfer rates achieved by individual end users but are generally deemed to be outside the control of the RSP:

  • The number of individual end-users at a residence connected to the internet
  • The end-user’s hardware
  • Software and software configuration
  • The type of content being downloaded by the end-user
  • The source of the content being downloaded (including any content server limitations)
  • Streaming or uploading high volume content, putting pressure on the bandwidth
  • Presence of malware or viruses corrupting files and using memory needed for internet function

What speeds should I be expecting?

The speeds you’re able to obtain depends on a number of different factors and just like achieving the maximum speed limit on a motorway, you may not achieve the maximum speed on your plan at all times.

In addition to the general factors that can affect all broadband speeds, your speed will depend on your selected plan.

My speeds aren’t performing how I expected

If you’re experiencing slow speeds with your amaysim service, check out our troubleshooting guide so we can get your speeds back on track.

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