How do I sign up to amaysim nbn?

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The process to sign up to amaysim is straightforward and once you’ve checked your address is ready to connect, simply pick your speed and you’ll be able to complete the signup process online (no paperwork, no hassles).

What info do I need to supply to sign up?

Joining amaysim is easy and can be done all online (no paperwork required) - once you’ve checked your address is ready to connect, here’s a simple checklist for what you’ll need to supply to become amaysim!

  • Your personal/contact details (including a valid email address, so we can keep you up to date with your activation)
  • Credit/debit card (this will be used for payment of your monthly plan once your service is activated)

I’m ready to join, what should I do next?

Easy! Take a quick look at our plans and click sign up next to your desired speed. We’ll then let you know how long it’ll take to activate your service and take you through the signup process to complete your order - it’s really that simple.

What are my modem options?

During the sign up process, you'll be asked if you want to purchase a modem and amaysim recommends purchasing your modem at this time, this way your modem will be sent out pre-configured, allowing for a super easy set up.

You also have the option to bring your own nbn-ready modem, however this is generally recommend for advanced users, as manual configuration is required in order to connect your service. Compatibility also depends on modem specifications and the nbn technology used to service your address.

What happens after signing up?

Once you've signed up, we'll begin setting up your connection free of charge ($0 standard activation fee).

  • If your address has already connected to the nbn, your amaysim service will usually be activated within 5-7 business days of signing up
  • If your address is connecting to the nbn for the first time, the process to activate your service can take 2 - 4 weeks if an nbn technician needs to install equipment to connect your home

Once your service has been activated, we'll notify you via email so you can set up your modem and connect to the internet - it's that easy!

What are the sign up costs?

amaysim will set up your connection free of charge ($0 standard activation fee) and to make things even easier, the charge of your plan will only be taken once your service becomes active.

This means the only cost you’ll likely pay when signing up, is the cost of your modem (If purchased through amaysim).

Note: The nbn and LBNCo may charge a new development fee if you’re located in a new development area and amaysim will notify you if this charge is applicable prior to any installation work going ahead.

When should I cancel my existing internet service?

To ensure the switch to amaysim remains seamless, we recommend contacting your previous provider to arrange disconnection of your existing internet service once your amaysim service has become active.

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