What type of home internet plans does amaysim offer?

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amaysim prides itself in making Australian’s lives hassle free and with unlimited data, superfast speeds and no lock-in contracts, our home internet plans are providing Aussies with an easy option when it comes to choosing their internet provider.

What type of internet plans are available?

amaysim has been keeping Australian’s lives hassle-free for over 6 years with our great value, no lock-in contract mobile and data plans.

Our range of home internet plans promise to do the same and all include unlimited data and are free from lock-in contracts, just choose your speed and you’re good to go.

Whether you're in an nbn-ready area, or are located in an estate serviced by LBNCo, you’ll be able to complete the signup process all online, making it an easy choice when it comes to choosing an internet plan for your home.

Get unlimited data with amaysim

Whether it’s streaming services such as Netflix and Stan, or communicating with loved ones overseas through social media, so many of the day to day things we do and love require internet access. Some online activities require little data (such as emailing or instant messaging), however features like HD Streaming mean we’re now using data more than ever.

In line with amaysim’s hassle free mantra and the overall trend of increased data usage, all amaysim home internet plans include unlimited data which means you’ll never have to worry about running out data

Which speed will suit my household?

When choosing the speed of your plan, it’s important to think about what you generally use the internet for on a daily basis - are you someone who likes to stream Netflix on your Ultra HD TV; do you have multiple tablets and computers online at once; or are you someone who’s always uploading and downloading large files?

Check out our speed guide so you can gauge which speed will suit your households needs the best.

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