Why is my old retailer still charging me?

Quick answer

Your old retailer has the right to bill you up until your connection has been officially switched across to your new provider.

This means you’ll receive a final bill from your previous retailer, to settle the balance for your final usage period.

If everything checks out, once you finalise the bill, you shouldn’t need to deal with them again!

How long will it take for them to bill me?

It’s important to remember that billing in the energy industry is dictated by meter readings.

When switching providers, a final meter reading needs to take place in order to bill your final usage. This can can occur anywhere between a few days and three months after initiating a switch.

Once a final meter reading has taken place and you’ve successfully switched to amaysim, your old provider will send out a final bill. The exact time it takes for the bill to arrive, will vary depending on their specific billing process.

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