Why do you run a credit check and what happens if it fails?

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In order to ascertain whether you can pay for the products and services we provide, we carry out risk assessments and perform a credit check on every customer before switching their service to amaysim.

  • If an application is unsuccessful, we’ll let you know that your order has been cancelled, and that your connection will not be switched across to amaysim.
  • If payment was made for your plan upfront, we’ll refund your initial payment within 7-10 business days of the order being cancelled.

What information do we check?

When assessing applications, we rely on information from a number of sources, including the details you provide to us, and credit information we receive from our credit check partner Ilion. This may include the following:

  • identifying details such as your name, birth date, drivers' license number, address(es),
  • telephone number(s) and other contact details;
  • the type of credit offered and the terms of such credit (including when it was entered into, repayment, maximum amount of credit available and when it ceases);
  • any applicable repayment history;
  • any court judgment that relates to any credit that has been provided to, or applied for by you;
  • any personal insolvency information about you (as defined in the Privacy Act);
  • publicly available information about you that relates to your activities in Australia and your credit worthiness.

Why did my credit check fail?

If your credit check fails, it generally means you don’t meet our current credit criteria. Our decision can be either partly, or fully based on the information we receive from our credit partner Ilion.

check your credit rating

If you have any questions regarding your publicly held personal credit file, please contact Ilion directly.

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