How do energy top-ups work?

Quick answer

If you use up the kWh of your plan and do not have any saved energy, we’ll automatically add an energy top-up to your account, charging the payment method linked to your account.

Top-ups will be charged at the same kWh rate as your subscription plan and any unused energy from top-ups will simply roll over and be saved for a rainy (or cold) day.

The size of top-ups available, will depend on the plan you’re using, however range from $20/50 kWh, $30/80 kWh or $40/110 kWh (prices listed are inclusive of GST)

Along the way, we’ll let you know if we project you to go over your monthly usage and if you’ll likely need to top-up.

Can I manually add a top-up?

You can manually add a top-up at any point throughout your renewal cycle under mange plan in the app or my amaysim.

What happens if payment for my top-up fails?

If a top-up is required for your plan, we'll automatically attempt to charge the payment method linked to your account. If payment fails, the top up will not be added and we'll notify you with instructions on how to correct the payment, so you can avoid being charged the higher off-plan rate.

If a top-up is not successfully added before your next renewal date, any usage accrued from the time you exceeded your kWh allowance will be charged on the off-plan rate.

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