How do we make plan recommendations?

Quick answer

Our goal is to ensure you have as much assurance of your energy payments and there are a number of factors that help us formulate plan recommendations for both new and existing customers.

Using a combination of data from the Australian Energy Regulator, information you provide us about your home and once on board, your actual usage habits, it ensures our customers are given validated information to place them on the best possible plan for their home.

How are recommendations made during signup?

During the signup process, we’ll ask a few basic questions relating to your address, so we can gauge if our subscription plans will be suited for your household.

This includes high-level questions around your usage, the type of services you use and how many people live in your household.

We then cross reference this with data provided from the Australian Energy Regulator around average daily usage at your address, and calculate which of our subscription plans makes the most sense for your home.

This isn’t to say your usage will not differ from our initial estimated figures, as for instance, you may be living in a home as a couple that was previously used by a large family, however the amazing thing about ours plans, is that you can switch your plan at any time if you constantly find yourself going over or under your usage threshold.

How do plan recommendations work for existing customers?

We’ll continuously asses your usage and give plan recommendations as the renewal cycle progresses through the app and my amaysim.

Our goal is to ensure you have as much assurance of your energy payments and although top-ups are natural, in an ideal state, we want our customers to avoid having to add frequent top-ups.

Recommendations take into your account your current usage, the remaining days in the month, how many top-ups you’ve recently added and the season you’re in.

Based on this information, we’ll provide guided recommendations as to whether you’ll likely need to top-up to get you through the month, or if switching to a different plan is the best option.

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