How does the off-plan rate work?

Quick answer

By nature of how our subscription plans work, you’ll always pay for your plan, or any required top-ups upfront.

If payment for your subscription plan, or top-up fails, we’ll let you know how to fix up the required payment, however if payment is not corrected, you’ll be switched to a higher off-plan rate.

We’ll always keep you up to date via email and the app if a payment has failed so you can avoid being charged the off-plan rate.

When would the off-plan rate come into effect?

Failed plan payment
  • If payment for your subscription plan fails, we’ll issue you an invoice and re-attempt the required payment in two days’ time.
  • If payment does not go through on our second attempt, there are simple ways to rectify the required payment.
  • If you require assistance making the required payment, simply get in touch and we’ll be able to assist you.

Please note: If we’re unable to take payment for your subscription plan after the due date of a failed payment invoice, your service will be deemed as overdue, and any usage you’ve accrued since your last renewal date will be charged at the off-plan rate.

Failed top-up payments

If a top-up is required for your plan, we'll automatically attempt to charge the payment method linked to your account. If payment fails, the top up will not be added and we'll notify you with instructions on how to correct the payment, so you can avoid being charged the higher off-plan rate.

If a top-up is not successfully added before your next renewal date, any usage accrued from the time you exceeded your kWh allowance will be charged on the off-plan rate.

How can I avoid the off-plan rate?

It’s important to ensure the payment method on your account is ready to be charged when it comes to the renewal date of your subscription plan.

Secondly, if a payment does fail, please ensure to promptly update your payment details so payment can be processed, or simply get in touch for further assistance.

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