What happens if I cancel part way through my subscription plan period?

Quick answer

You’re free to leave at any point, however please note if you cancel, or decide to leave amaysim part way through your renewal cycle, you will forfeit the remaining days of your plan and rolled-over energy savings.

The exception to this, is if you leave during your initial cooling off period.

How can I cancel my account?

If you’re looking to part ways with amaysim (we’ll be sad to see you go), simply get in touch and we’ll ensure your account is correctly disconnected and let you know what will happen with for any outstanding payments (if applicable to you).

Note: For solar customers using a subscription energy plan, if you earn a feed-in-tariff credit during your final billing period, then on request you'll be refunded the credit amount so long as there's nothing owing on your account once it's closed.

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