How do smart meters work?

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Smart meters are electricity meter’s with added functionality that allow the meter to digitally record data about energy usage in real time and automatically send usage to your retailer (that’s us) via wireless technology.

Smart meters’ include an in-home display where you can view the hours or days where you use more energy - helping you identify ways to be more energy efficient

They also provide feedback on your energy usage as you go, making it easier to identify the source of high energy use.

All households in Victoria have smart meters installed, following a mandatory rollout between 2004-2013.

What are the key benefits of smart meters?

Alongside the fact smart meters provide amazing real-time insights into your energy usage, here are some other features that make smart meters awesome:

greater accuracy - smart meters monitor your actual energy usage so households no longer need to be served estimated energy bills

control over consumption - smart meters’ in-house displays allow you to easily track and understand your energy consumption

outage detection - receive SMS notifications when there's a power outage in your area, as well as expected restoration times

remote meter readings - automatic meter readings mean there's no need to have your meter manually read by a technician

usage alerts - receive messages when your smart meter detects excessive energy consumption

smoother switching - with a smart meters, there’s no need to wait a manual meter reading to occur, making it much easier to connect, disconnect and switch

Smart meter rollout throughout Australia

If you live in Victoria, then it’s more than likely that you would of already had a smart meter installed in your home.

Since the mandatory smart meter rollout in Victoria, the state has seen over 2.8 million smart meters installed. This has enabled Victorians to better understand and manage their household energy usage

States outside of Victoria are giving residents the choice of whether they want a smart meter installed at their property, however it’s expected that mandatory rollouts will eventually occur

Generally, companies will try to replace traditional meters within a set timeframe proposed by the state government, or focus on installing smart meters in new building developments, or when old meters need replacing

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