How do meter readings work?

Quick answer

Energy meters are used to record the gas or electricity that’s been used in your home, so you can be billed accordingly.

For electricity customers, your meter will be read once every 90 days. The exception to this are homes with smart meters (predominantly in Victoria), where a reading is automatically taken every 30 minutes and sent to us electronically.

For gas customers in Victoria your gas meter will be read once every 60 days, while NSW gas customers will have their meter read once every 90 days.

How do meter readings impact billing?

At amaysim we use monthly installments to help our customers avoid being lumped with a quarterly energy bill at the end of a sweltering summer or chilly winter.

The majority of meter reads are done every 90 days, meaning you’ll pay an agreed instalmentfor the two months prior to your meter read.

On the third month you’ll be billed for the actual quarterly meter read - less the two instalments already paid.

Note: If you have an electricity smart meter (mostly Victorian customers), you’ll always be billed monthly for your actual electricity usage and won't pay a set instalment amount.

What happens if a meter reading can’t occur?

Your distributor needs safe and easy access to your meter to get an actual meter reading.

  • If an actual meter read is not possible, an estimated reading takes place, meaning you'll receive a bill that's based on previous and estimated usage amounts
  • After an estimated bill is sent, the distributor re-schedules an actual reading for your next billing period
  • Once an actual meter read has taken place, we can view actual usage details and make the required adjustments to your bill, taking into account your prior estimated invoice amounts
  • If you’ve received an estimated bill, you have the option of a self-read, where you can provide us with your meter details, in order to receive an adjusted bill that’s based on your actual usage

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