How can I track my energy usage?

Quick answer

One of the key benefits of our subscription energy plans, are the almost real-time insights we provide customers around their usage.

Not only will you be able track usage through the app and my amaysim, you’ll be able to view projected usage for the renewal cycle and given recommendations on how to manage your plan for the rest of your renewal cycle.

These insights are an incredibly powerful way to become a long-term energy saver and ultimately help you make the most of your plan.

How can I track my usage?

To quickly glance at how much kWh you have remaining, simply log in to the amaysim app or my amaysim, head to the services section and select your plan.

From here you’ll be able to check how much kWh you’ve used and view your projected usage for the month.

To view previous usage that’s occurred, simply select usage history.

The services section of the app, will also display how much energy you’ve saved up and gives you the choice to manually add a top-up if you’re running low.

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