How can I reduce my energy usage?

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Making sure your household is energy efficient is great for both your wallet and the environment. To inspire you on your energy saving journey, we’ve compiled a list of some conventional and unconventional ways to help you save energy in your home.

top energy saving tips

There are larger opportunities to make an impact on your yearly energy bills, including things like solar panels and other renewable energy alternatives.

While these are great green energy options, they also take a lot of time and planning to get up and running. In the short term, there are simple things you can change in your everyday routine to save energy and money.

Try some of these energy-saving tips and see how they can reduce your utility bills.

switch off appliances & pull the plug

There are household items that run on standby mode, continuing energy consumption while you sleep. Items such as air conditioners, televisions and game consoles are slowly chewing up power over time, and all these appliances can contribute a hefty chunk on to your electricity bill.

Other notable offenders include everything from your washing machine and microwave to less obvious (but no less power hungry) culprits like speakers and printers.

Commit to reducing your energy by switching it all off at the wall and unplugging it until you’re ready to use it again. Doing this reduces the amount of wasteful energy being used each day.

Stay away from the clothes dryer

These babies chew up electricity like no one’s business. Unless it’s a fashion emergency and you’re desperate to dry something off with speed, hang your clothes out to dry the good old fashioned way and go one step in the right direction to helping reduce your carbon footprint. You also decrease your chances of losing another sock to the clothes dryer monster!

Adjust your wardrobe to suit the weather, not your heating & cooling

Stopping your utility bills from skyrocketing during the summer and winter is a whole lot easier when you dress appropriately for the weather conditions. One of the simplest energy savings tips but often overlooked!

If you're wearing summer attire in the middle of winter, maybe consider rugging up before increasing the thermostat which in turn increases your electricity and gas bill.

Stop opening the fridge door

Opening the fridge to stare at its contents repeatedly is only going to make your fridge work harder to regulate its temperature. We’ve all been there! Resist the urge to snack and stare at your haul post grocery shop and keep the fridge door shut until it’s time for your next meal.

Air leaks found in the door frame of your fridges and freezers can also cause them to increase their energy usage, ensuring the contents inside stay cool.

Take shorter showers

Yep, you read correctly. Not only will this spare you some dollars when your water bill comes through, but it will also reduce your energy costs – especially those of you who like long hot showers! Hot water chews up loads of power. By cutting your shower time down you’ll save on more than just your energy bill.

Purchasing a water saving shower head will also help reduce the amount of hot and cold water each shower is using. By using less hot water your helping conserve energy, giving your water heating a break and your next electricity bill.

Reset your body clock

Try becoming more of a morning person instead of a night owl. Make the most of the daylight by avoiding sleeping in and reducing the hours you’re awake at night. You’ll naturally find that you won’t need to use as many devices and lights, and on a nice sunny day you may even feel inspired to get outside rather than staying indoors!

Have a romantic night by candlelight

Impress that special someone, your housemates or simply treat yourself to a night of R&R by shutting off all your devices, turning off the lights and getting cosy by candlelight. A few nights a month of using as little electricity as possible will go a long way in helping conserve energy.

Energy efficient appliances

Finding electrical and gas appliances that are energy efficient will have a positive impact on reducing your energy usage. There will be a label on most of these appliances that show an 'energy efficiency rating', making it easier to find the most energy friendly product.

The label shows you two important details:

  • the appliances star rating (more stars = more expensive = more energy efficient)
  • an estimate of the energy consumption it will use in a year per kWh

Gas appliances have a similar metric called 'Gas Rating', measuring the products star rating and gas usage over a year. Purchasing energy efficient washing machines and air conditioners might be a hefty upfront fee to begin with, but the positives will be seen over the coming years in your energy bills.

Change your light bulbs

It might seem like an obvious one since the new range of halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), and light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) have been around for a while. But traditional incandescent light bulbs are still found in a large majority of Australian households.

The modern LED lights last 3 to 25 times longer and use between 25%-80% less electricity! You can use a lot less energy in your home when you get rid of the incandescent light bulbs that are consuming an excessive amount of electricity every night.

Install a programmable thermostat

What's the need for heating and cooling when you are asleep or out of home? A programmable thermostat (otherwise known as a smart thermostat) can be set automatically to reduce cooling and heating or be turned off completely, making it easy to eliminate wasteful energy.

Investing in a solar power system

This top tip is more of an investment than a change that you will see overnight. Getting solar panels set up on your roof is a huge step in becoming a green energy household, utilising renewable energy to power your home.

The best part about powering your home with solar energy is that you can save energy and money by supplying power back into the grid. We offer market-leading feed-in tariffs so that you can get the best price for your excess solar energy and receive a more affordable energy bill.

Get the best energy deal

Switching energy providers is generally alot easier than most people think, however it's important to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into before jumping ship.

With this said, here are some simple tips to keep in mind when searching for a new energy plan.

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