How can I reduce my energy usage?

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Saving on household energy is great for both your wallet and the environment. To inspire you on your energy saving journey, we’ve compiled a list of some conventional and unconventional ways to help you save.

Switch it off & pull the plug

Household items that run on a standby mode slowly chew up power over time. This includes everything from your washing machine and microwave to less obvious (but no less power hungry) culprits like speakers and printers. Commit to saving energy by switching it all off at the wall and unplugging it until you’re ready to use it again.

Stay away from the clothes dryer

These babies chew up electricity like no one’s business. Unless it’s a fashion emergency and you’re desperate to dry something off with speed, hang your clothes out to dry the good old fashioned way.

Adjust your wardrobe to suit the weather, not your heating & cooling

Stop your power bill from skyrocketing during the summer and winter is a whole lot easier when you dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Stop opening the fridge door

Opening the fridge to stare at its contents repeatedly is only going to make your fridge work harder to regulate its temperature. We’ve all been there! Resist the urge to snack and stare at your haul post grocery shop and keep the fridge door shut until it’s time for your next meal.

Take shorter showers

Yep, you read correctly. Not only will this spare you some dollars when your water bill comes through, but it will also reduce your energy costs – especially those of you who like long hot showers! Hot water chews up loads of power. By cutting your shower time down you’ll save on more than just your energy bill.

Reset your body clock

Try becoming more of a morning person instead of a night owl. Make the most of the daylight by avoiding sleeping in and reducing the hours you’re awake at night. You’ll naturally find that you won’t need to use as many devices and lights, and on a nice sunny day you may even feel inspired to get outside rather than staying indoors!

Have a romantic night by candlelight

Impress that special someone, your housemates or simply treat yourself to a night of R&R by shutting off all your devices, turning off the lights and getting cosy by candlelight.

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