What type of energy plans does amaysim offer?

Quick answer

amaysim offers a range hassle-free electricity, solar and gas plans - simply let us know the details of your home, and we’ll provide you with a personalised plan that’s tailored to your households needs.

what makes our plans great?

The Australian energy industry has been riddled with complex plans for far too long, that’s why we’ve introduced a set of energy plans that remain simple at their core

No confusing discounts, no lock-in contracts, just great-value flat rates.

Oh and did we mention we use monthly payments to help reduce the chance of bill-shock?

subscription plans

For customers in VIC, NSW or QLD, our subscription energy plans are taking simple pricing and smart usage to another level.

Each month, you’ll be given a set amount of kWh to use in your home. Any unused energy will simply roll over and be saved to your account.

During the months you require a bit of extra zap, you’ll automatically dip into your rolled-over energy savings. If you use up all your energy and do not have any saved energy, we’ll simply add an energy top-up to your account.

I’m not eligible for amaysim electricity or gas, how come?

With different energy retailer regulations throughout Australia. The type of products we offer varies from state to state, with availability dependent on your location.

As it stands, amaysim offers electricity and solar plans in parts of NSW, SA, VIC and QLD, while gas plans are available in certain areas of NSW and VIC.

If you've attempted to sign up and were unsure of your household's eligibility, simply contact us for further assistance.

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