What type of energy plans does amaysim offer?

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With discounts that don’t expire, everyday low rates and no lock-in contracts, amaysim will help you find an energy plan that’s tailored to your household needs so you can save on electricity, solar and gas.

amaysim energy

amaysim has been keeping Australian’s lives hassle-free for over 6 years with our great value, no lock-in contract mobile and data plans.

Our range of energy plans promise to do the same and are simple to understand, so customers aren’t left in the dark when it comes to understanding home energy.

We’re here to help you save

  • We reward our customers with great pay-on-time discounts for both usage and supply
  • To view the complete price and tariff details for your energy plan, simply enter your details through the following form

What type of energy plans are available?

amaysim offers electricity, solar and gas plans for Aussie homes - simply let us know your details and we’ll provide you with a personalised plan that’s tailored to your households needs.

If you’re looking to see how much you can save, we can provide you with an instant quote prior to signing up.

I’m not eligible for amaysim electricity or gas, how come?

With different energy retailer regulations throughout Australia. The types of products we offer varies from state to state, with availability dependant on your location.

As it stands, amaysim offers electricity and solar plans in parts of NSW, SA, VIC and QLD, while gas plans are available in certain areas of NSW and VIC.

If you've attempted to sign up and were unsure of your households eligibility, simply contact us for further assistance.

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