What is the Default Market Offer?

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The Default Market Offer (DMO), is an electricity retail offer being introduced for residential households and small businesses in NSW, SA and South-Eastern Queensland from July 1, 2019.

The offer has been introduced by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), who alongside the ACCC, have set an annual price cap for benchmark consumption levels.

The price of electricity under the Default Market Offer is based on advice provided by the ACCC and is not set by energy retailers.

Why is the DMO being introduced?

The DMO replaces the former standing offer scheme and has been brought in to make the electricity market simpler and more affordable for all consumers; something amaysim is extremely passionate about.

  • The DMO prices will apply to standing offer customers on flat rate tariffs in the non-price regulated jurisdictions of New South Wales, South Australia and South-Eastern Queensland
  • The DMO will also be used as a reference price from which discounts must be calculated from, which will help customers more easily determine whether one offer is more likely to deliver lower bills than another.

Can I switch to the DMO?

Our goal is to always ensure you’re getting the most value out of your electricity plan.

If you’d like to discuss switching to the DMO, simply contact us, so we can let you know whether the DMO will help you save on your power bill, as you may benefit from being placed on one of our other competitive market offers.

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