pre-paid subscription energy plans

no bill shock. no complicated plans. no worries.

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just like your mobile plan (only better)

just like your mobile plan (only better)

pay a monthly subscription fee

We've got a plan to suit your electricity usage.

roll over any unused energy

Unused energy gets saved for later. No wastage!

auto top-up if you run out

Top up at the same monthly rate as your plan (or cheaper)

we've taken the thinking out of energy

we've taken the thinking out of energy

smart plan recommendations

Upload a past bill or enter your home address. We'll recommend the best plan based on your usage.

zero-jargon electricity

No supply charges, no peak/off-peak rates and no confusion. Just a simple plan payment each month.

no tricks, traps or lock-ins

Change your plan size at any time - or go elsewhere. You're in control!

smart meters, smarter plans

smart meters, smarter plans

track your usage with daily smart meter reads

Check your electricity usage and see your monthly prediction with our amazingly simple app.

control everything

Change your plan. Buy a manual top up. Review past payments. Our app does it all.

smart meter included with your plan

If you have an old analogue meter, we'll cover the cost of a new smart meter and its installation.

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