we've made energy simple to understand

predictable monthly bills

Never get surprised again. Pay the same amount up-front each month, every month. You'd be stupid to say no to that.

zero jargon electricity

We've done away with supply charges, complex meter tariffs or needing to know about peak or off-peak electricity. Each plan has one flat rate per kWh.

smart plan recommendations

We recommend the best plan for you based on your actual usage. How? We can analyze your usage data by using your uploaded bill or by checking your address against government databases.

no tricks, traps or lock-ins

It’s this simple: You can switch to a smaller or larger subscription plan (or one of our post-paid plans) at any time. You’re also free to switch to another retailer whenever you're ready to read all their fine-print.

Simpler bills save you more than time

why simpler bills matter

Simpler bills save you more than time

Energy companies regularly offer better prices to their new customers than they offer to their older ones. It’s what’s called a “loyalty tax”. They know that customers get turned off by the confusing detail of conventional energy plans - and turned off customers don’t notice stealthy price rises or benefits that expire.

Simpler plans take less time to read and understand - and they make it easier to notice price rises. That’s why our subscription plans are better value in the long run.

How we use your data to help you pick the right plan

how our plan recommendations work

How we use your data to help you pick the right plan

During your sign-up process we ask you to upload a bill, or enter your full street address. We use this information to show you available plans and recommend the best plan for you - based on your actual usage.

We get your usage information from your uploaded bill, or by checking your street address against a publicly accessible database to find your average daily usage.

You’re still free to choose another plan and remember that you can change to a smaller or larger plan at any point after you sign up.

answers at your fingertips

How do you take care of my privacy?

Quick answer

We take the protection of your privacy very seriously. You can read about our privacy policy in detail here.

I want to read your terms and conditions. Where are they?

Quick answer

Our terms and conditions are available in our footer. Here they are again.

What happens if I accidentally sign up to the wrong sized plan?

Quick answer

Once you've signed up it's easy to change plans using the amaysim app or My Amaysim. You can switch at any time, to a larger or smaller subscription plan, or even to one of our post-paid energy options.

When you switch to a larger subscription plan, you’ll switch immediately, getting the larger plan allowance and paying the difference between the old and new subscription. When you switch to a smaller plan you’ll make the switch at the next monthly renewal. Any saved rollover energy will be carried across to your new plan.

When you switch to a post-paid plan, any pre-paid value, whether in subscription plan credits, or rollover energy will be applied as a credit to your next-post-paid bill.

Do I lose my saved rollover energy if I switch plans?

Quick answer

Whenever you switch between plans, your saved rollover energy will be switched across with you. If you switch to one of our post-paid plans any roll-over energy will be applied as credit to your next post-paid bill. If you switch to another retailer, you will forfeit any of your energy roll-over.

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