smart meters, smarter plans

track your usage with daily updates

Unlike an analogue meter, a smart meter gets read every 24 hours. Our app lets you keep track of your usage, updating daily.

smart meter and installation included with your plan

If you don't already have a smart meter, we'll organise for one to be installed for you. You won't be charged anything for the meter or its installation.

take control of your energy use

Our handy app gives you 24/7 control over all the important parts of your account. Switch to a different sized plan, add a manual top-up, or check your past usage- all without needing to call.


Replacing your old analogue meter

smart meter installation

Replacing your old analogue meter

If you don’t already have a smart meter in your home we’ll install one as part of this plan. All our smart meters are installed by Spotless Advanced Metering. After you’ve signed up Spotless will send you an SMS with an online form to organize the installation.

On the day of your installation appointment, the installation will take 1-2 hours to complete. Your power will also need to be shut off for around 30 minutes. You won't be charged anything for the meter and its installation, though you may be charged a call-out fee if the installer can’t access your meter on the day.

Our app helps you track and manage your plan

our handy app puts you in charge

Use our app to track and manage your plan

Using our app, or the MyAmaysim website, you can see how your usage is tracking whenever you wish with your usage updating daily. It also shows you a live prediction of your eventual energy usage for the month.

The app also provides a range of handy management functions. You can add a manual energy top-up, change the size of your plan or review your past usage or past payments. You may never need to call your energy company again.

answers at your fingertips

Why do I need a smart meter to use a subscription plan?

Quick answer

Smart meters allow your meter to be read daily, instead of once every three months like older analogue meters. Without daily readings we wouldn't be able to offer a monthly subscription product that provides daily updates of your energy usage.

How is a new smart meter installed?

Quick answer

All our smart meters are installed by Spotless Advanced Metering. If an installation is required,. Spotless will be in touch shortly after you’ve signed up to schedule a date for one of their technicians to visit your property and replace your existing meter.

During this process, Spotless will contact you via email to complete a quick online form so they can assess a few details regarding your existing meter setup. This will help make the installation of your smart meter as seamless as possible.

On the day of your installation appointment, the installation will take 1-2 hours to complete. Your power

Can I get a smart meter installed if I'm renting?

Quick answer

In most cases, as long as you're the account holder for the energy account at your current address, you're entitled to request for a smart meter from your energy retailer.

If your tenancy agreement specifically mentions you need your landlord's permission to alter metering at your property, we recommend reaching out to your landlord or rental agency to seek permission before kicking off the signup process.

Can I sign up to a subscription plan if I don't have a smartphone?

Quick answer

Yes. While a smartphone can make it easier to keep track of your usage, you can manage your account just as well through My amaysim.

Can I get a subscription gas plan?

Quick answer

Not yet. At the moment your analogue gas meter is read manually every 2-3 months. Digital gas meters are common in Europe but haven’t reached Australia yet. Watch this space though, offering subscription gas plans is on our roadmap.

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