how subscription energy works

pick your plan

There are four sizes, each with a different monthly electricity allowance (kWh). Plus, you can switch plans at any time if your needs change.

pay the same up-front price every month

It's the same up-front price each month to help make budgeting easier.

roll-over any unused energy

Unused energy isn’t wasted - it rolls over for up to 3 years. You can draw on this saved energy whenever your usage exceeds your monthly allowance.

auto-top-up if you run out

We’ll automatically add a top-up at the same rate (or lower) as your plan allowance.

It’s easy to track and predict your usage

keep track of your usage

It’s easy to track and predict your usage

Our handy app helps you understand your energy usage with daily updates of your energy use. It also predicts your final usage for each month to help you adjust your usage or budget.

We’ll send you a notification whenever we think you may need to apply a top-up, and a reminder every time your monthly plan is about to renew again.

Budget friendly energy plans

predictable pricing, flexible plans

Budget friendly energy plans

Our plans are the same upfront price each month, which makes budgeting easier and avoids the bill-shock you can get with classic post-paid bills. It’s easy to track and predict your usage, and every time you save some energy it rolls over to keep costs down when you next exceed your monthly allowance.

You are not locked into your subscription plan. You can switch to a smaller or larger plan whenever you want. And, like all our plans, there are no lock-in contracts. You can switch away whenever you want.

answers at your fingertips

Can I get a subscription plan if I have solar panels?

Quick answer

Yes you can. At the start of each monthly renewal cycle, you’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee. Any solar feed-in credits earned during the preceding renewal cycle will be deducted from the subscription fee. If you have more credits than the subscription fee you’ll pay nothing and the difference is simply applied as an account credit. This credit will be applied to any future required plan payments. If your account credit ever exceeds $100, you can contact our customer support team to request for the credit to be transferred to your bank account.

What are the payment options for an amaysim subscription plan?

Quick answer

As it stands all payments will need to be made via the debit/credit card attached to your amaysim account. We’ll be adding additional payments such as Direct Debit and PayPal in the future.

What happens if I accidentally sign up to the wrong sized plan?

Quick answer

Once you've signed up it's easy to change plans using the amaysim app or my amaysim. You can switch at any time, to a larger or smaller subscription plan, or even to one of our post-paid energy options.

When you switch to a larger subscription plan, you'll switch immediately, getting the larger plan allowance and only pay the difference between the old and new subscriptions.

When you switch to a smaller subscription plan, you'll make the switch at the next monthly renewal. In both cases, any saved rollover energy will be carried across to your new subscription plan.

When you switch to one of our post-paid plans, your rollover energy will be retained on your deactivated subscription account and will become available when you return to amaysim subscription energy.

What happens to my electricity if one of my payments fail?

Quick answer

Your power won't get switched off! We'll let you know if a payment fails, and how long you have to repair it, usually by making a manual payment using our app or My amaysim. If you don't pay the outstanding amount within the indicated time, you’ll be charged retrospectively for any power you’ve used and will be charged on our "off-plan" rate, which is typically 10% higher than your regular plan rate. If you continue to miss payments, you’ll be switched to a post-paid plan, and if necessary, our credit agency will be notified.

Do I lose my saved rollover energy if I switch plans?

Quick answer

Whenever you switch between subscription plans your saved rollover energy will be switched across with you. If you switch to one of our post-paid plans, your roll-over energy will be retained on your de-activated subscription account and will become available when you return to amaysim subscription energy. If you leave amaysim for another retailer, any saved rollover will be forfeited.

Can I include gas with my subscription electricity plan?

Quick answer

Yes you can. We currently only offer conventional post-paid gas plans and will let you know when we release subscription gas plans at some point in the future.

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