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we’ve created our no bill$hit energy glossary; so you can make sense of the energy industry once and for all

To most, the energy industry is a mysterious world full of complex terms; I mean… what’s a shoulder-rate and why on earth do I need to sign up to a standing offer, does it ever sit-down?

At amaysim, we believe simple is best, that’s why we’ve created our no bill$hit energy glossary; it cuts out all the BS, so you can make sense of the energy industry once and for all.

Thank us later!

Bill (last name Shock)

We’re confident most people will be acquainted with old mate Bill.

Bill is the master of dropping by unannounced, pestering you for money.

If you find yourself confused (and annoyed) whenever Bill drops by, we’ve got some good news.

At amaysim we’re calling bill$hit on Bill’s nonsense and have banned bills - take that buddy!


Discounts are a huge buzz word in the energy market.

Large discounts are used to make customers believe they’re saving big; the reality however, is that many providers offer high discounts, through plans that have expensive base rates #Yikes

Bottom line, plans with high discount rates, don’t necessarily mean you’re saving in comparison to many other plans in the market.

Energy Retailer

Retailers are the people you buy your energy from (that’s us).

For far too long, Australian energy retailers, have been a bit $hit to be honest. No Transparency. No Empathy…basically just not putting the customer first

At amaysim, we’re pretty keen to change this dynamic, by putting the focus back on what matters the most; the customer.

How you might ask? Well for one, our energy plans, are so damn simple, we don’t even have bills.

Fixed Terms

Look we won’t beat around the bush; fixed terms in the energy market generally mean an energy provider is setting you up to pay more.

Flashy discounts are dangled in front of customers, however discount rates eventually expire, meaning 12 months down the track, customers are left confused when they’re suddenly paying more. #Dodgy.

Market Offers

You’ve probably heard the rumors so let’s settle this once and for all.

Yes it’s true most retailers often have ‘better deals’ that are used as sweeteners if existing customers threaten to leave; these plans are also offered to new customers.

Better yet, unless you threaten to leave, there’s generally no communication when better plans become available, meaning customers are left to rot away on old plans with exorbitant rates #Ouch

energy glossary

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