searching for the right energy plan? we’re here to help

Looking for a great energy plan can feel like hunting for treasure – without a map. It takes a little research and patience to find the spot marked by an X.

We’ve got some handy directions below to help you find the best electricity and gas deals for your home, budget and lifestyle. Because in the 21st century, we know a decent power bill is just as valuable as a chest full of gold.

choosing the right type of electricity plan

fixed plans

On a fixed plan you’ll pay the same amount for each period. This makes budgeting super simple, but it can also leave you spending money on electricity you’re not using. If you choose to go for a fixed plan, make sure you’re looking for the best electricity rates and avoiding those tricky lock-in contracts.

usage-based plans

These electricity plans are much more common. They have a fixed tariff for supplying you with electricity and a variable tariff that accounts for all the energy you use. What is a tariff? It’s simply the price your energy provider sets for different aspects of your plan.

we've taken the hassle out of energy

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finding the right rate

There are quite a few ways your energy tariffs can work. Below are the two main ones you’ll come across.

single rate

This rate remains the same for every minute, hour and millennium (maybe not that long).

peak and off-peak rates

With peak and off-peak tariffs, the cost of using electricity changes at different times during the day. They’re usually separated by the popular time of day, when demand is really high, and the less popular times of day, like when you should be sleeping.

the contract-y stuff

billing schedule

Depending on how you manage your budget, the times you receive your bills can make a big difference. Many energy providers charge you every 3 months, which can come as big hit (we call it bill shock). Other options may include plans with monthly payments. This is a feature that amaysim energy plans offer.

fees and charges

There can be quite a few fees and charges you’ll need to be aware of. These can include late fees for payments and extra charges for how you pay for bills (e.g. paying by credit card). They can also be more inconspicuous. You may find out too late that you’ve been charged for those paper bills you receive every month.

contract conditions (including the fine print)

Conditions can be a little sneaky, so you’ll need to look out for a few things. First of all, contracts can have periods where you’re locked in. So consider what you’re willing to sign up to beforehand and if it’s possible to become trapped. You won’t necessarily become stuck for the whole period, but there may be exit fees lurking around that make the change less desirable.