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What potential customers want to know

22 Jul 2011
Tipo Headshot


amaysim's content guy

One thing I’ve noticed since we launched, and especially since our amaysim UNLIMITED plan hit town, is how much our customers love to talk.

As a guy that loves making a five minute friend (hey, that’s why I’m in this game) it really gives me a buzz to hear our call centre roaring with chatter.

If you’ve ever been waiting to speak to one of our customer care team and wondered what other people are asking, here’s a taste of the typical questions we get:

1. What’s the catch? (hint: there isn’t one!)

2. Can I get a mobile from you too? No sorry, we only offer SIMs

3. Can I bring my number from another network? You sure can!

4. Will I get the same level of coverage as Optus 4G Plus network users? Yup, we cover 98.5% of the Australian population

5. Are your prices going to stay this low? They sure are – this isn’t some five-minute promotion

Here’s some of the more bizarre questions we get which might give you a giggle:

1. Can I order a taxi? (I’m not kidding)

2. Can I put a SIM card in my air conditioner unit? (true story)

3. Do I need to have my amaysim SIM card in my phone for it to work? (top prize)

If there are any questions you’ve wanted to ask about our customer service, check out our frequently asked questions or just drop me a line in the comment box below. I’d love to help out.