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Struggles people who run out of data know to be true

05 Mar 2016
Mariah - amaysim blogger


amaysim's content guru

There are some struggles in life that make you stronger. But when it comes to running out of data on a morning commute, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. If it’s happened to you, I hope this blog provides you some comfort.

1. Running out of data on a commute

Running out of data on your daily commute is one of the cruellest jokes the internet gods can play. There you are on the all-stops to Strathfield, lost in your own private world of Beyonce and catsofinstagram, when your mobile data conks out. And suddenly, like waking from a sweet dream into some living nightmare, the grim reality of your situation becomes clear. Your bubble is burst. All at once, the smell of old man cologne and someone’s half-eaten burrito hits your nostrils and you realise you’re squashed in the middle of two sweaty humans with inhumanly warm thighs. What’s more, across the aisle there’s some weirdo in a beanie who’s trying to initiate eye contact. Noooooo!

2. Running out of data waiting for friend

Waiting for a friend to turn up at a pub or café requires ample data in order to not look like a loser. As long as I can flick through my phone and appear like I’m doing something interesting then I don’t care if my stupid friend is anywhere up to 15 minutes late. But seriously, any later than that and I’m saying something. Come on. But the absolute worst case scenario is my data running out before my friend arrives. At that moment the struggle becomes real. I have to work tirelessly to avoid the judging gaze of the people around me who now assume I’m some sort of social outcast who dines alone in public places just to get out of the house. My only option is to study the menu front and back until my friend arrives. All I can say is if my data runs out – my friend better not be more than 15 minutes late. For their sake.

3. Desperately searching for free Wi-Fi

We’ve all done it. Traipsing around a foreign country with a fridge-sized backpack attached to our torso trying to remember the local phrase for ‘Free Wi-Fi?’. I don’t mind doing it when I’m overseas, but when I’m in my hometown I like to be the master of my own data. I like to map out my day around what I want to do rather than where the closest free WiFi is. But when you run out of data you don’t have a choice – especially if you need to check an email or an FB message thread. So off you go, like some sad vagabond, skulking around cafes trying to scab their free wifi while trying to stall the waiter who can already tell you’re not going to buy anything. Sure, it’s easier to ask for free Wifi in English, but the indignity is more real.

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Until next time!
Mariah – amaysim’s Communication Coordinator.