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Introducing Critical Information Summaries

28 Feb 2013
Rolf - amaysim blogger


amaysim's founder

This Friday (1st March) marks what I see as a pretty solid step forward for the Aussie mobile telco industry.

It’s the day that, according to the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code, telcos must make Critical Information Summaries available for people to check out before they sign up to plans.

What exactly is a Critical Information Summary?

Good question. A Critical Information Summary is a straight-talking summary of a telco plan that lets people know, without all the marketing hype, what they get for the headline price. Just as importantly, it also lets you know when you’ll be expected to fork over cash above and beyond the headline price to use certain services.

Why is it a good thing?

The mobile telco industry can at times be harder to navigate than Sydney’s ridiculous one-way streets without a GPS (although I’m becoming more Aussie by the day, Sydney CBD roads still have me scratching my head). Taking out all the fluff and pretty words associated with selling products, and leaving in what customers really need, should make the whole comparing and switching process at least that little bit easier for people.

It’s pretty much trying to achieve what amaysim’s been aiming for since we first set up shop – more transparency in a tricky business. While there’s no magic wand, if this gets us all one step closer it gets a hat-tip from me.

Where are our Critical Information Summaries?

We’ve put our Critical Information Summaries in several places online and you can find them all on the Critical Information Summaries page on our website. If you speak with any of our Customer Service Centre reps from Friday 1st March they’ll also be able to send you a copy if that’s how you prefer to receive info.

What do you think?

We’re always trying to keep things simple and while we can’t be everything to everyone, we’re really making a decent dent in the Aussie mobile telco scene (at least that’s what hundreds of thousands of customers are telling us by voting with their feet).

That said, we always want to hear what else people are after. So, what would you like to see the mobile industry, and us, do next? Like I said, we can’t do everything, but our customers are the best source of inspiration, so let us know what you’d like to see that the industry (or we) might not be delivering. I’m all ears.

Rolf – amaysim's founder.