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Data streaming

How do we measure your data usage?

14 May 2015
Peter - amaysim blogger


amaysim's Head of IT Operations

Here at amaysim we’re all about giving you more data for you dollar, that’s why all of our 4G mobile and data plans come with kilobyte (KB) rounding.

You might notice that other telco's use megabyte (MB) rounding – what’s the difference between the two? Well that’s what this blog’s all about.

What is kilobyte rounding?

Every time you use the internet on your mobile device, a “session” is established on the Optus 4G Plus network. The length of a session depends on factors like the reception in you’re area, your handset settings, what you’re using your phone for and if you’ve got any apps open.

When the session has ended, we calculate all the data you’ve used to the nearest kilobyte. Measuring data per kilobyte means that we only deduct exactly the amount you used in that session – you can then squeeze every byte out of your included monthly data so nothing goes to waste.

Kilobyte rounding vs. megabyte rounding – what’s the difference?

Since there are 1024 kilobytes in a megabyte, kilobyte rounding is a much smaller unit of measurement. Think of it like the difference between rounding to the nearest millilitre versus rounding to the nearest litre - big difference right?

For example, if you use 5KB in a single session on your phone, megabyte rounding will round your data usage up to 1MB and deduct that amount from your monthly data allowance. Kilobyte rounding will instead only deduct the 5KB you used, saving you 1019KB. This can actually save you a whole lot of data in the long term, especially if you use your phone for small tasks like sending and receiving emails without attachments, and scrolling through Facebook.

Be on top of your data usage by estimating how much you would use in a month with our mobile data calculator.

All amaysim 4G plans use kilobyte rounding!

Even if you can’t access the Optus 4G Plus network your data will still be kilobyte rounded if you’re on one of the following 4G plans (which all work on 3G when 4G coverage isn’t available, but you’re still in a 4G coverage area):

Keep in mind that not everyone will see a major difference in their usage. The best way to properly understand your data usage is to keep tabs on it through My amaysim or by using the free amaysim app for Apple and Android.

Peter - amaysim’s IT guy.