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Are you living your life through a lens?

15 Mar 2013
Julian - amaysim blogger

Julian R

amaysim's PR guy

Some research we conducted recently showed that half of Aussies surveyed (we surveyed 1,000 people) reckon we’ve forgotten how to ‘live in the now.’

Hey everyone, it’s Ged here again (amaysim’s PR and social media guy).

I was at Soundwave a couple of weeks ago, amongst 70,000 punters. We all couldn’t wait for the headline act (Metallica) to come on and when they did the crowd went nuts (as you’d expect). Sadly enough, a fair whack of the crowd also pulled out their smartphones and started snapping and filming away, reducing to a two hour rock show on a massive stage in a footy stadium to a five-inch video complete with sound rougher than a patch of sandpaper.

Pot... Kettle...

Even though it’ll make me sound like a hater, I’ll openly admit I was shaking my head wondering how people could be watching such an awesome gig from behind a smartphone. So, what do you reckon I did about half an hour into the set? Yep, I started snapping away myself … talk about a hypocrite!

It seems I, and the 70,000 fans I was with, aren’t alone. Some research we conducted recently showed that half of Aussies surveyed (we surveyed 1,000 people) reckon we’ve – in the great words of Garth from Wayne’s World – forgotten how to ‘live in the now.’ We’re so busy taking pics and videos of every single life event, we’re not taking time to actually enjoy these events . For example, have you been to a wedding recently? There are more people taking pics on their smartphones than there are chucking confetti.

On the flipside, a lot of respondents did say they do use social media as a main way of keeping in touch with family and friends, so perhaps we’re just forsaking some of the thrill of the moment so we can share the love later on.

When it comes to places people wished others would control their itchy smartphone trigger finger, restaurants, gigs (I second the motion!) and weddings topped the list.

The other top stats are in the infographic below.

Life through a lens

If I don’t take a photo or 20, did it really happen?

I know this sounds weird coming from a company that exists to sell mobile access, without which this phenomena of “if I don’t take photos or videos, did it actually happen?” wouldn’t even be around, but don’t you think sometimes we’d be better of stopping to enjoy those awesome moments (a great gig, wedding or meal) in all their glory? Or am I just being a wowser (hey, I’ve been called worse!)?

So, what do you think? Should we snap and share to our heart’s content or occasionally chill out on the constant snap n’ share regime and just smell the roses (or sweaty throngs at a festival)?

Ged – amaysim's PR & guy