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What to look for in an appliance when you’re buying a newbie

What to look for when buying new home appliances

13 Mar 2019
Chris - amaysim blogger


amaysim's Energy guru

Finding appliances that are both energy-efficient and affordable isn’t always easy. If you’re torn between tracking down budget-friendly products and trying to reduce your energy bill, here’s what to look for.

From fridges and microwaves to air-conditioners and clothes dryers, our households are filled with an abundance of appliances While our ancestors had to make do with washing their clothes by hand and sweltering through hot summers, we get to live in luxury thanks to technology.

But the comfort and convenience of modern appliances comes at a cost.

If you’re not careful, your household gadgets can end up taking a huge chunk out of your income.

Finding appliances that are both energy-efficient and affordable isn’t always easy. If you’re torn between tracking down budget-friendly products and trying to reduce your power bill, here’s what to look for.

Household Appliances

long-term affordability

Living in the moment is a great life philosophy, but it’s important to think ahead when searching for household appliances.

Just like you’d avoid buying a fuel-guzzling car, the same approach applies to anything that runs on electricity. Before purchasing a new appliance, always look into how much it’ll cost to operate. Items that use tons of energy could hurt your household budget down the track.

Even if you think you’ve found a great deal, don’t allow yourself to be blinded by a flashy new appliance. Thinking about how much it might cost you in the future could ultimately save you thousands of dollars.

Home appliances

features you actually need

Shopping for new gadgets can be exciting, but beware of impulse purchases. No matter how determined you are to stick to your budget, it’s easy to get carried away now that there are so many high-tech appliances to choose from.

Before you lose all self-control and start maxing out your credit cards, step away from the persuasive salesperson and think long and hard about your life choices. Do you really need a fridge that tells you when your food’s about to expire? Or a microwave that comes with a sonic steamer? We didn’t think so.

Avoid impulsive behaviour by asking to see the appliance’s priority features, including its:

  • Energy efficiency rating
  • Warranty
  • Power consumption

By concentrating on basic components, you won’t be as tempted to fall for fancy features.

quality over aesthetics

Prioritising looks over functionality probably isn’t the best idea if you want your new appliance to go the distance. Just because something’s pretty doesn’t make it energy-efficient, and having beautiful looking appliances will be cold comfort when your next power bill arrives.

Instead of buying an appliance just because it’s your favourite colour or has perfectly matching components, look for things like energy efficiency and overall quality.

Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency (even if it doesn’t come cheap)

Finding the least expensive appliance may sound like a good idea when you don’t have a ton of cash to splash – but cheap products aren’t always the best option. Energy-efficient appliances tend to be a little more expensive, but the purchase price doesn’t tell the whole story. Remember that running costs are just as important, especially if you’re buying an appliance you’ll use every day.

In Australia, most household appliances are rated according to their energy efficiency. Since efficient appliances use less electricity, they’re way cheaper to run. If your power bill has been getting out of hand, replacing any appliances you’ve had since the ‘90s with newer, more efficient models can make a huge difference to your energy costs.

While you’re looking for new appliances, you might also want to consider switching energy providers to see if you can make some extra savings.

Our electricity and gas plans include great value rates, no confusing discounts or lock-in contracts and the convenience of monthly billing to help you avoid bill-shock.

It might take a bit of shopping around to find an affordable appliance that can help you keep energy costs down, but persistence is key. And those savings will make your efforts worthwhile.