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Moving Homes

How to handle your energy bills when moving out of home

01 Oct 2019


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So you’ve taken the big step towards independence and decided to move out of home. Hey, it’s an exciting change and paves the path towards officially becoming an adult.

There’s no curfew, no one to stop you watching Netflix all weekend, you’ll also get to pay your own bills… wait a second. What?

Yeah, sorry to break it to you. Moving out of home means paying for bills fall onto you. That’s a pretty scary thought if you’ve never had to handle an energy bill on your own.

So how do you effectively manage your energy bill?

sorting out an energy plan

Before you move into your new place, you’ll want your energy plan sorted out. Don’t wait until the last moment or you’ll be living like a squatter. Signing up for an energy plan is as easy as googling it on the web, so no excuses.

Before choosing one, compare different energy providers to find the one that suits you best. Factors to consider include:

  • Your usage

  • The price

  • Payment options

  • Reliability

  • Green energy rating.

Shopping around for the best energy plan will save you easy money that’s much better spent on Friday night drinks.

At amaysim, our electricity and gas plans are hassle-free, free from lock-in contracts and include great-value flat rates, meaning you won’t have to worry about trying to work out confusing discount information.

budgeting your money

Maybe you’ve been told this 1,000 times before, but just in case it hasn’t sunk in, here’s a friendly reminder: budget your money. Even if you work casually and your pay changes weekly, track your spending and make a budget based off those numbers.

You’ll want to be sure you have the money to pay for your bill when it comes up. If you’re putting cash aside weekly, you’ll be worry-free knowing you already have the money when the quarterly bill comes in.

To help with your budgeting and to make sure you don’t get hit with bill shock, amaysim offers monthly instalments for paying your energy bills.

This way, instead of being hit with an energy bill that covers three months of usage. Instead, you’ll make a steady payment each month.

keep your power bill low

Discounts on your bill are pretty nice, but they’ll be even sweeter coming off a power bill that isn’t enormous. There are plenty of small, simple adjustments you can make to save money off your energy bill when you first move out of home, such as:

  • Unplug appliances when not in use

  • Turn off lights when not using the room

  • Switch your lightbulbs to energy-efficient ones

  • Wash laundry in full loads and in cold water when possible

  • Air-dry washing on a clothesline

  • Limit hot showers to 10 minutes or under.

By following these simple steps you’ll find your power bill easy to manage when you move out – and you’ll be adulting like a pro* in no time.

*Maybe. = but no guarantees there.


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winter energy

5 Ways to Reduce Winter Energy Usage

10 May 2020

Many of us watch our energy bills creep up during the peak of winter, but a warm home doesn’t have to go hand in hand with a massive power bill. These energy saving tips will help you discover how to save electricity in winter. Try our seasonal winter home energy saving tips and keep your energy bill manageable.

1. Stay old school, where possible

Being able to walk around your home without having to wear a lot of layers or carry a blanket is a wonderful luxury in winter. However, there’s a certain vintage charm to getting warm under a heavy blanket while the air outside your cosy blanket haven is still chilly.

Keeping things old school as much as you can, pulling out thermals, putting on socks, and cuddling up for warmth during a Netflix session, are some of our favourite power saving tips for winter.

Smart Home Devices

2. Go smart

Not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to lower an electricity bill in winter, but smart devices can help you save heaps when it comes to your power bill.

If you use household heating, a programmable smart thermostat can save households up to $180 per year in heating and cooling costs, according to Energy Star. Some of these smart home devices can even be operated from smartphones, for when you just don’t want to leave the warmth of your blanket.

Who would have thought having an awesome home automation setup would bring your energy bill down!

Standby Power

3. Upgrade to energy efficient appliances

Just like choosing smart devices to save power, you can upgrade to energy-efficient appliances to save power too.

In Australia, most household appliances are rated according to their energy efficiency. Since efficient appliances use less electricity, they’re way cheaper to run. Of course, you don’t need to toss out your washing machine, dryer, fridge, microwave, and kettle just to save electricity in winter.

If you have an appliance that’s costing you a lot to run, it might actually save you money in the long run to buy a new, more efficient replacement.

Look up the energy ratings for all your big appliances (and small ones too if you can) and find any that could do with replacing.

4. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs

Energy-efficient bulbs are a no-brainer when it comes to ways to save money on electricity in winter. In fact, you should use these bulbs throughout the year to keep your electricity bill down, no matter the season.

These efficient bulbs use less power to produce the same amount of light. They also last longer than traditional bulbs.

If you feel like splurging, check out smart bulbs, they can be controlled by your phone as well as being energy efficient, neat! The savings from swapping these bulbs alone aren't massive, but every little bit adds up when you know you’ll spend more power heating your home in winter.

5. Build up the washing pile

There’s no point in chucking on two jumpers and a pair of jeans into the washing machine during winter, how dirty could they really be? Before doing a load of washing or drying make sure you have a full basket.

It’s no secret that the washing machine and dryer chew up the most electricity in your house. Don’t let the chilly season increase your wash load because of the more layers of clothing being added to the basket.

Follow these simple tips on how to save electricity in winter and you should hopefully see some great results during the cold season.

Reducing your energy usage all year long will help you get in the mindset before June even comes around or if you want to be even more prepared for when summer rolls around.