Looking at a quarterly energy bill can almost feel like sneaking a peek a solar eclipse. You know it’s going to hurt.

Disappearing discounts? Complex contract terms? A non-payment-post-the-pre-due date fee. What?

One thing’s always crystal clear. How much you owe. Ouch. You go through winter with the heater off and five jumpers on – and yet your bill still seems to skyrocket?


Energy bills don’t need to be difficult – or scary. At amaysim, we make it easy to say goodbye to bill shock, tricky terms and confusing discounts, with hassle-free electricity, gas and solar energy plans.

How? You know that dream list of what you want in an ideal partner? We tick all the boxes.

  • No lock-in contracts so you can cancel any time? Tick.
  • No confusing discounts? Tick.
  • Great value rates? Tick.
  • Easy monthly payments? Absolutely.

Ugh. But switching to amaysim means dealing with your old provider, right? Nah-uh. We’ll take care of that too.

Here’s how to break up with your energy provider, in five simple steps:

1. sign up online

In a few quick clicks, you can have a new energy plan and leave the hard work to us. All we need are a few of your personal details, and some ID - simple!

2. we’ll confirm your application

Once you've signed up, amaysim will organise for your energy services to be switched across and will notify you of your successful switch withing 5 working days of signing up.

3. one last dance

We'll schedule a final meter read with your old provider; you won’t need to do a thing during this process (except pay that last pesky bill - and breathe a sigh of relief).

The time it takes to connect your home to amaysim will depend on your billing cycle with your current energy provider, with the switch taking place on your next scheduled meter read!

4. enjoy the simple life

As soon as that final meter read is done and dusted (with no disruption to your energy service at all). You'll be well and truely on your way to enjoying a merrier relationship with your energy provider.

5. our first date

One month later, we'll send you your first bill; we’ll call that our first date – in a relationship that’s built to last!


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