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Our top tips for overcoming your Fear of Throwing Out (#FOTO)

27 Nov 2017
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With the help of Dr Jessica Grisham, we’ve pulled together some simple tips to help you face your FOTO (fear of throwing out). We’ve broken out the tips based on personality types – so check which one matches you the best for personalised tips to help you overcome your #FOTO.

The Serial Splurger

Not afraid to treat yourself on things you probably don’t need, yet can't bring yourself to throw something away because it reminds you of all the money you spent on it?

Instead of forcing yourself through a big cull, try replacing your items - it’s as simple as only buying something new once you’ve thrown something old out (or passed the item on to someone else). And if you want to treat yourself (because you should!), do something that involves an experience, not an item – take yourself out to dinner, get a massage, do what you can, so long as you don’t end up with more items to trigger your FOTO.

The Stage Five Clinger

Feeling a little too emotionally attached to your items even though you can’t find a proper user for them? You’re what we’d call a Stage Five Clinger – the struggle is real when it comes to throwing things out that remind you of other people, places or fond memories.

But don’t feel pressured to get rid of everything. Simply ask yourself: do I really need this? Why am I holding on to it? And if you find you don’t need it, try passing it on to someone who actually does – that might bring you more joy than the item itself.

The Optimist Prime

If you can’t throw something out because you believe, deep down, that you’ll one day find a use for it, then set yourself a challenge – give yourself a time frame, and if you don’t use it within that time, then commit to throwing it out.

And remember, there’s no such thing as a ‘maybe pile’ (that’s what got you here in the first place).

The Rationalist

If you’ve embraced the minimalist movement and only keep what you need, I’m guessing you don’t need help getting rid of what you have. But you might want to think about what you’re missing out on – remember, no two things are the same, and having just what you need doesn’t mean you should stop yourself from trying new things.

Do you suffer from FOTO and if you do, what’s that one thing you can’t get rid of? Head to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and share a photo of the item that's been holding you down - you’ll go in the running to win an iPhone X, and we’ll cover your phone, internet and energy bills for a year, pretty sweet deal right?

You've got 'til 5pm on 8 December to post your entry, so get in quick and face your FOTO head on!