Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the times where our trusty old flip-phones took photos so pixelated you could barely decipher them – and you could just forget taking photos in the dark.

But not all phone cameras are created equal. We’ve taken some of the best phone cameras to come out of 2017 and put their features to the test in order to determine which are the best shooters on the market.

Before deciding upon your new phone, it’s worth considering what you actually want from your camera. Are you a novice and need all the automatic assistance you can get, or are you a bit of a pro and want the flexibility to manually change settings? What you’re taking photos of is another key consideration. We all love a selfie but some of us enjoy taking photos at night and need a good sensor, others are big on nature photography and want a product with a great zoom. All of these are important considerations when choosing the right phone for you.

iPhone X

Loyal iPhone supporters will not be disappointed with this little beauty. The iPhone X houses the best camera ever created by Apple – and yes we know that’s a big claim.

One of the camera’s most impressive features is its powerful optical and digital zoom. Due to the phone’s dual cameras, you are now able to zoom-in on distant objects while still snapping a crystal-clear image.

The front-facing 7-megapixel camera is where all the real magic happens though. The phone’s True Depth camera (which is the key component of its face recognition), along with its Phase Detection Autofocus allows you to take the most seamless selfies. And lucky for us, both the front and back cameras have image stabilisation – so no more excuses for wonky panoramas.

For anyone who feels like a fish-out-of-water when it comes to photography, this phone takes the hard work out of snapping a great shot.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This nifty little piece of tech is packed full of features. Want to snap selfies that everyone wants to share? The phone’s Smart Auto Focus tracks faces so that everyone in the shot stays in focus. While its multi-image processing ensures your photos are crisp and detailed, regardless of lighting.

Most smartphone cameras work best during the day, but our lives are 24/7 so Galaxy has built a camera that works seamlessly both day and night. Low light is no match for this camera, snapping images that are sharp and vivid, even in the darkest conditions. The Dual Pixel sensor makes camera ready for action, capturing crystal clear shots no matter how many moving parts.

Want the freedom to adjust settings so you can capture the moment just the way you want? Pro Mode allows you to adjust the camera’s ISO, Shutter speed, Exposure value, Colour tone, White Balance and Manual focus – which lets you to choose what you want the camera to focus on.

Google Pixel 2

Google has put an enormous amount of effort into its Pixel 2’s camera. The camera’s lightning-fast focus produces sharp, detailed photos in a wide range of circumstances.

Its HDR+ capabilities are where this camera phone really shines. Blending multiple images together this camera keeps the detail in both the bright and dark areas of the image while not slowing down or draining your battery.

It dual lens also allows for that soft bokeh effect we all love – perfect for any of those Valencia filter lovers out there.

You also have the options to tweak the camera’s settings so that you can finally get that perfect shot, just the way you imaged it. All you have to do is press the shutter. Oh, and did we mention that is has lightning-fast focus, so your images will be sharper and more detailed in a wide range of circumstances.

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