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Battery Tips

Battery saving tips for iPhone and Android

26 Apr 2016
Mariah - amaysim blogger


amaysim's content guru

In the spirit of making your lives simpler, I did a quick whip round the office to collect the amaysim team’s top five mobile phone battery saving tips.

As mobile phones race towards their inevitable evolution into mind-reading robots, their battery lives feel like they're getting shorter (because let's face it - we're using them more). While it'll probably get awkward for the phone-robots of the future when they run out of battery mid-rebellion, it’s also pretty inconvenient for us right now. In the spirit of making your lives simpler, I did a quick whip round the office to collect the amaysim team’s top five mobile phone battery saving tips.

Paul, our Digital guy - Dim your screen's brightness

Paul loves to run - apparently it’s fun. As a runner, Paul uses fitness apps a lot, so when he trains he'll need his mobile to last for up to four or five hours. One easy thing he recommends doing to make your phone battery last the extra mile is dim your screen's brightness. He also turns off auto-brightness so that the screen doesn't automatically adjust in brighter lighting conditions.

Mariah, the Gen-Yer - Turn off background updates

Mariah spends a good portion of her waking hours on social media hunting down hilarious videos of corgis on the beach (among other very important things), so she needs to keep an eye on her battery life as well as her data usage. She suggests turning off background updates in your apps' settings to maximise your phone’s battery life and help your data usage. This means that your apps will only receive new data when you're using them - don't worry, you won't miss anything in your feed it'll just wait until you log in again to pop up.

Tash, our resident Instagrammer - Force close all apps

Tash literally streams on her mobile like there’s no tomorrow, but in the odd moments when she's not, she recommends force closing all streaming apps. When you keep apps like Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Netflix running in the background, they'll drain your battery as well as your mobile data - but manually closing them can really save you on both fronts.

Ged, the PR and Social Guy - Turn off your phone's vibration

Ged’s phone is the centre of his working world. His go-to tip is simple: turn off the vibration on your phone. This isn't because it sounds like a jackhammer when it goes off (which let's be honest is super annoying anyway) but because your phone actually uses more battery to vibrate than it does to just ring, so switch it off if you don't need it. Some phones even let you set your camera flash up to blink whenever you get a call. Super handy if you'd like to know if you're getting a call or set up a mini-rave wherever you are.

Jen, our Digital Stuffologist - Enable the battery saver / low power mode

Is your mobile running low on juice? No, like seriously low on the good stuff? Jen knows the struggles all too well, so when it looks like her phone's not going to last her 'til she gets home, she enables her phone's battery saver / low power mode.

Different operating systems will have slightly different names for this feature, and it will usually only appear when your phone's battery hits about 10% or 20%, but it works pretty much the same - it'll reduce your screen's brightness, disable features like Bluetooth and WiFi, and limit the actions you can perform on your mobile to the basics - making and receiving calls, texts, emails and messages, and using the Internet.

Got any tips of your own so that your phone doesn't pull the plug early? Let us know in the comments below - sharing is caring!


Mariah – amaysim's content gal