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What does your favourite music streaming app says about you

16 Dec 2014
Mark Headshot


amaysim's digital stuffologist

Howdy everyone, it’s Ric here -

We go gaga for music streaming apps here at amaysim HQ – take a look here for some of our faves. We reckon there’s a playlist for every occasion and a music streaming app to suit every personality. Here’s what you’ve favourite music streaming app says about you.


A personalised radio for you to discover old music and play some of your old favourites.

You’re a laid-back, don’t-sweat-the-small-things kind of person. You know what you like, but you’re also totally sweet to just go with the flow and try something new – life’s an adventure, and it becomes so much more exciting when it involves new music. That said, you’re not fazed by change, and you’ll always welcome a new artist into your life whenever Pandora recommends it.


Just hit “play” on Spotifyto stream any song, artist or album you choose.

There’s one word to describe you: decisive. You know what you like but, unlike the Pandora-mavens out there, it takes a lot more to sway your tastes (in music, amongst other things) than a few suggestions. You like to stay in control by sitting in the drivers’ seat and pressing play to what you choose. It’s all on your terms, and that’s how you like it. Can you say #boss?


A music discovery app that lets you make and share your own playlists.

They say “curiosity killed the cat”, but this cat has nine lives and it plans on using it all up with Shazam– your ears are always peeled for the latest and greatest tunes and your hands are always at the ready to Shazam them. You hate leaving questions unanswered or a job half-done, so you’ll always put your mind (or your phone) to good use and get down to business.


The go-to music streaming platform for the tunes of independent artists, producers and podcasters.

You’re totally anti-mainstream, a true individual, and there’s no way that you’re giving in to the latest trends – why fit in with the crowd when you can stand out? There’s always some undiscovered diamond to be found in the rubble, and the satisfaction of knowing you found it before every other Tom, Dick and Harry can’t be beaten. That’s why you’re always looking on SoundCloud for the latest undiscovered talent – but remember, when everyone else catches onto them, it’s onto the next one.

What music streaming app fits your personality? What’s your favourite app to stream music on? Or do you still prefer to download your music?