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Unlocking your Android's potential

04 May 2015
Mariah - amaysim blogger


amaysim's content guru

Fandroids, you can give yourself some extra wiggle-room by taking on board these hot tips.

The Android vs. Apple rivalry can get pretty heated, but one area where I reckon the ‘droids come out on top is when it comes to data-saving options. There are quite a few data-saving settings on Android smartphones that any data-holic would be buzzing to jump on.

Reduce your data usage on Chrome

If you use Chrome, you can minimise your data usage by adjusting the data settings in the Chrome app. This will automatically compress web pages so that less data is used to download them – the app will remove unnecessary white space on pages and images will switch to a smaller format. For some, this’ll mean a pretty healthy decrease in data usage. You can find out how to turn the Data Saver feature on here.

Just keep in mind that, by compressing the elements on a web page, some images might look fuzzy and some websites might not be able to accurately determine your location. This also won’t work on secure pages (where the URL starts with ‘https’) and incognito pages. But I really recommend setting this up if you want to save on data without changing your habits too much.

Set up data usage warnings

The crew at amaysim like to keep you on top of your data too! That’s why you get a text message and email when you hit 50%, 85% and 100% of the included data in you amaysim mobile or data plan. You can also be extra vigilant with the amount of data you use by setting up data usage warnings on your Android smartphone.

This will help you keep tabs on the amount of data you use across all your apps, so setting these alerts can act as an extra line of data defence. Here’s how you set up the data usage warnings on your Android:

  • Go to Settings and then 'Data Usage';
  • Select 'Set mobile data limit' and tap 'Ok';
  • Set the orange line at a data limit - you'll get a warning when your data usage levels hit;
  • Set the red line at a data limit - your mobile connect will turn off when your data usage hits this maximum.

We recommend the orange line at about the half way mark, and the red line somewhere between 300MB-500MB below your mobile plan’s data limit. That way you’ll still have some data up your sleeve even when you do hit your phone’s data limit.

Restrict background data for specific apps

Want to know which of your apps are taking the biggest byte out of your mobile data? Go to the ‘Data Usage’ option in your Settings and you’ll get a quick rundown of your apps and the amount of data they’ve each used in the past month.

Clicking on the individual apps will also tell you how much data your apps use when you’re actually using them versus when they’re running in the background when you’re not. You can save on data too by restricting the app’s background data – that way your apps won’t chew up data when you’re not using them.

Got all that down? Remember, with great data comes great responsibility. When in doubt, get in the habit of checking how much data you’ve got up your sleeve for the rest of your billing period. Either text ‘BAL’ to 586, log in to My amaysim or use the free amaysim app for Apple or Android.

Mariah - amaysim's communication's coordinator and resident Fandroid.