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Thinking of switching to Android?

26 Jan 2016
Hayden - amaysim blogger


amaysim's marketing director

A software update finally killed my old iPhone 4 (RIP Frank the Tank, Nov. 2015). And so began my journey into the new phone market.

Getting the most for my money

I like to be savvy with dosh, so buying a phone outright was my preferred option. That way I found I paid less in the long-run and don’t sign any lock-in phone contracts. Like most human beings, my mind went straight to the new iPhone 6S but a quick price check made me think twice. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a phone but I was sure there had to be a thriftier option.

Get reviews from your mates

iPhone 6S users enjoyed using their phone, many opted to sign up to a lengthy contract because they couldn’t afford to buy one outright, similar to many Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge owners.

Meanwhile the HTC One M9, while apparently offering exceptional battery life, was out of my budget at a price very close to the iPhone 6S. My one mate with a Windows phone had good things to say about the operating system, but was frustrated by the limited selection of apps. At the end of my word-of-mouth test, just one phone came close to scoring consistently good reviews; the Google Nexus 5X, by LG.

The operating system

Once I started to play with the Nexus 5X, my worries about leaving iOS were put at ease. I was pleasantly surprised by the similarities between iOS and Marshmallow (the Google operating system). Being able to Google from the Nexus 5X home screen is super convenient; there’s a navigation ‘back button’ which opens the previous screen you were working on; and an ‘Ok Google’ function (the Nexus version of Siri). The screen is an ideal size at five-inches – not too big for one hand - and the image quality is unreal.

I’ve been impressed with the Nexus 5X on every level so far, it even tracks my appointments, purchases and suggests web articles I’d enjoy reading. And when combined with an awesome amaysim SIM-only mobile plan I can have the flexibility of owning a phone outright with a great value plan.

Hayden - amaysim's customer guy.