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Switch Off Sunday

02 May 2013
Julian - amaysim blogger

Julian R

amaysim's PR guy

In case you haven’t heard, here at amaysim we’re deeming this Sunday 5 May ‘Switch Off Sunday’.

What does that mean?

Well, if like a lot of us you’re addicted to your mobile, checking social media and feeling like you could do with some time out, Sunday might be the day for you to do it.


As awesome as our mobiles and technology are, sometimes we all need to stop and smell the roses. The world won’t fall apart if, for one day, you switch off your mobile and give Facebook, Twitter and email the day off.

We reckon ‘Switch Off Sunday’ is as good a reason as any to switch off, chill out and slow down a bit. Hang in the park, read a book, take a looooooong nap, go to the beach … or do absolutely nothing at all! It’s your call.

Do I have to switch off?

Even if you think a day might be a bit much, how about trying a few hours? If Sunday’s not a good day to switch off, that’s ok too. It’s totally each person’s call to switch off (or not) whenever suits them. We just reckon it’s great to get people talking about using technology to aid their lifestyles and not letting tech run them.

Will amaysim switch off for Sunday?

No! We’ll be operating as normal, as will our customer service centre … we wouldn’t take switching off that far.

How can I let my mates know I’ll be taking some time out?

To help you switch off we’ve created some awesome banners that you can pop up on your Facebook or send out. That way, people will know you’ve switched off and that you’ll be back on Monday.

Making a few switches in your life?

If you’re making a few switches in your life, or want to, check out our cool new website The Daily Switch. Switch Off Sunday is part of The Daily Switch, where we’ll have a new switch tip each day. Some switches you’ll like, others you’ll leave, but let us know if you have a tip you reckon might put a spring in other people’s steps.

Happy switching :)

Ged – amaysim's PR guy.