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The Microsoft Surface Phone: what to expect

The Microsoft Surface Phone: what to expect

22 Dec 2016


amaysim's tech geek

There’s no denying that Microsoft’s history in mobile hasn’t been great, but could the Surface phone buck the trend? Here’s a look at the rumours so far.

The name

At this stage the name of the new Microsoft phone hasn’t been officially announced, but according to Trusted Reviews Microsoft recently bought the domain ‘’. The URL only redirects to Microsoft’s homepage at the moment, and while I’m no detective, this could also be a big clue as to the name – let’s just call it the Microsoft Surface Phone for now.

The Microsoft Surface Phone’s specs

There hasn’t been much detail released about the new Microsoft Surface Phone, but if the leaks are true we could be in for something special. Reports from TechRadar suggest that the phone’s processor will be heavy duty. Qualcomm, the rumored chip manufacturer, say their newest processor is significantly more efficient, so depending what Microsoft do with the chip it’s been rumoured we could either see a 40% reduction in power consumption, or a 27% hike in performance – both really promising numbers!

The increased processing power is likely to give the smartphone compatibility with laptop-like accessories, and so if the Microsoft Surface is anything to go by, we could expect pairing with a keyboard, mouse and a stylus.

Along with some hefty hardware, the Surface Phone is also expected to be available in three models. Each version is said to ramp up the internal memory significantly, the biggest being 8GB RAM and 500GB storage – to put this into perspective, the iPhone 7 is available up to 256GB with 2GB RAM.

The rumoured camera for the Microsoft Surface Phone

Apple, LG and Huawei have all gone with a dual-camera set up for their newest models, so it’s looking likely that the new Microsoft phone will follow the dual-camera trend.

Dual-camera tech combines two different cameras, and together they produce images that are said to have a higher resolution, better depth perception and/or increased dynamic range.

The design of Microsoft's new smartphone

From the hype we’ve found that all models are expected to have a 5.7 inch screen, and an all-metal look. Apparently, Microsoft has been putting in the hours to make the Surface Phone fit with the aesthetic of the Surface Book – making it a good-looking piece of kit all round.

Price: what the Microsoft Surface Phone could set you back

With three different models we have three prices points to guess at. Trusted Reviews say the base model will come in around $699USD, about $940AUD. The premium model could be priced more towards $1099USD – when you do the math, that’s a whopping $1470AUD.

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The release date

Rumours are pretty thin on the ground here. However reports point to the first half of 2017, so there’s still a little way to go if you’re keen to get your hands on one. If you’re pining for new tech to tide you over you could consider grabbing a Nintendo Switch to pass the time.

More Windows apps?

The lack of apps have traditionally been a major issue for all Microsoft phones. So it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft will address this in order to convince app savvy smartphone owners to take a shot with their latest device.

Looking at all the leaks, the Microsoft Surface Phone (if that’s even its name) is going to be a serious contender in the mobile market, especially the decked out models. Whether the tech giant can crack the app problem of previous models remains to be seen, but what’s for sure is that this phone is set to breathe new life into the Microsoft smartphone market.

Will you be looking to jump ship and try something different when the new Microsoft Surface Phone lands in Australia? Let me know your thoughts in the comments – will be interesting to know what everyone has to say about Microsoft and Windows phones.