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Gifts for the ultimate tech lover in your life

12 Feb 2015
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If you’re lost for ideas when it comes to Valentine’s Day or any gift-giving occasion, check out my guide to the top presents for technophiles.

I’ve given my fair share of shocking gifts and received just as many in return. So this Valentine’s Day I’m turning over a new leaf and putting some research into finding the perfect pressie.

For the fitness fanatic: FitBit

There’s no shortage of fitness bands and activity trackers on the market, but if you’re looking for a gift that won’t go unnoticed, try the FitBit – it’s efficient, practical and easy on the eye. Take a look at the whole range of FitBit’s before picking one for your partner. If you’re after something a bit more sophisticated grab a Tory Burch metal cuff that’s specially designed to fit over a regular FitBit tracker.

For the wearable tech enthusiast: Pebble Watch

We’ve still got some time on our hands (if you’ll pardon the pun) before the Apple Watch hits our shores, but if your tech-head can’t quite wait until April to get their hands on a smartwatch, consider getting them a Pebble Watch. It’s affordable and durable, compatible with both the Apple and Android operating systems and has a battery that lasts quite the while (that’s 7 days without a charge).

The practical gift seeker: Better Together Note Pouch v2

There’s no greater insult than a gift that goes unused (by the way, anyone want a gym membership?), but you won’t have to worry about that with the Better Together Note Pouch. If you know a student, traveller, or someone who needs to get more organised in 2015 then this is a great gift. The Better Together Note Pouch is designed to store A4-sized items, a whole Officeworks worth of stationary and can even an iPad or 13-in Macbook Air. If they don’t use it, feel free to send it to amaysim HQ.

The muso: Splash Shower Tunes

Singing in the shower doesn’t get any better if you’ve got some tunes to back you up – that’s where the Splash Shower Tunes comes in. You can use the Splash Shower Tunes to play music, skip songs, crank up the volume and even answer phone calls while you’re in the shower. It connects via Bluetooth to your mobile or iPod, and with a suction cup at the back it’ll stick to almost any surface. And the best thing is that it’s not just for the shower – from the pool to the bath and even in extreme weather, it’s sure to capture all your future adventures.

A gift that can withstand almost anything: GoPro Hero

A GoPro can withstand a hell of a lot, from mud to waves, sand and even kids, there’s not much in life that a GoPro can’t handle. Price points vary depending on what model you go for, but we reckon it’ll score you some serious points no matter who you give this to.

If you’re still stuck for ideas on what to buy that next time you’re looking for a cool gift, head to This is Why I’m Broke, you’ll be sure to find something there that catches your eye. Do you have a website you swear by for awesome presents? We wanna hear about them so share away!

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