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Galaxy S9

The five most exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy S9

01 Mar 2018


amaysim's tech geek

meet the latest offering from tech giant Samsung, that’s here to take the throne of the Mobile Kingdom.

Samsung had a pretty-stellar 2017, with their flagship Galaxy 8 and 8+ duo being extremely well received by the market, while the Note8 bounced back seamlessly from the PR nightmare surrounding the Note7.

After the iPhone’s 10 year anniversary in 2017, which birthed the iPhone X, the scene was set at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week for Samsung to strike back, which we can confidently say they’ve done, with their new flagship duo stacked with a bunch of exciting new features (without spoiling the party, the new camera is no joke).

Although we could ramble on and on about all the cool things the S9 and S9+ have to offer, here are the five features that have us most excited.

dual camera

Samsung first introduced the Dual Pixel camera on the Galaxy S7 in 2016, and it was such a hit that it has remain largely untouched since.

In 2018, however, the company decided it was time for an upgrade, and what an upgrade it is.

The new Super Speed Dual Pixel camera, as Samsung refers to it, is arguably the most impressive camera the world has ever seen on a smartphone.

It’s the first smartphone camera to include dual apertures, with one f/2.4 aperture for wonderfully crisp pictures of well-lit scenes, and a second f/1.5 aperture for extremely clear low-light photos – now just think of all the glorious Instagram content.

intelligent scan

Galaxy S8 devices came with three different forms of biometric security: An iris scanner, a fingerprint sensor, and face recognition software. The Iris scanner and face unlock only seemed to worked well in certain lighting conditions.

With the S9 duo, Samsung has combined both of these features to leverage the strengths of these technologies.

Intelligent Scan uses iris scanning for applications that need higher levels of security such as banking apps or Samsung Pay. For day-to-day tasks and unlocking, the Galaxy S9 offers the convenient experience of Face Unlock.

super slow-mo

Samsung’s Super Slow-mo feature on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is a doozy. The camera captures video in 720p HD at a ridiculous 960 fps. And because the quality of Samsung’s new Super Speed Dual Pixel camera is so good, the clarity of well-lit Super Slow-mo videos is flat-out nuts.

When you're shooting in super-slow-mo mode, the S9 camera lens automatically detects when something appears in the frame and slows it down for you, no work required.

A manual mode lets you control the action if you prefer to do that instead. The best part however is what you can after the video is recorded: You can loop the clip, flip it back and forth and also reverse it.

bixby live translation

Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9

Bixby’s live translation feature is simply awesome. In a nutshell, you can point your camera at a sign or any printed text in one language, and the Galaxy S9 will translate it in real-time and overlay the translated text on whatever you’re looking at.

Yes there are plenty of apps that can already do this. But what makes Bixby’s live translation awesome is the fact it’s built right into the main camera so you don’t have to go hunting around when you need to decipher which restroom you should be using when you’re overseas.

ar emoji

AR Emoji is another feature of Samsung’s new camera, and the companies take on Apple’s Animoji feature that was introduced on the iPhone X.

You can select a character from the Galaxy S9’s stable, that’ll mimic your expressions, head gestures, and movements as you speak.

Once you create your own Emoji, you can record videos or photos using the emoji, while saving the Emoji will automatically create 18 different GIFs in your phone’s gallery and on your phone’s keyboard, that can be shared with your friends across your favourite social platforms

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