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The best online games to play once you’ve got the nbn

13 Feb 2018


amaysim's tech geek

Hallelujah, praise the gaming Gods, because the nbn is – finally, somewhat, almost – on the horizon for the land of Oz. Some us have already been blessed with its magical properties of faster internet speeds, while others are waiting for it as patiently as Lord Voldemort waited to kill Harry Potter. (So… not too patiently then.)

While we can’t accio the nbn for you (as much as we wish we could), we can prepare you for the awesome things to look forward to once it drops in your home.

Now, any online gamer in Australia will already be aware how much the internet speed in this country holds you back from an ultimate gaming experience. Heck, there are some multiplayer games that aren’t even worth playing. Lag. Slow upload times. Slow download times. More lag. It’s. Not. Good.

The nbn will be a literal game-changer. And once these download speeds reach you, there’s no limit to the online games you can conquer. These are the best online games to play once you’ve been blessed with the nbn.

Call of Duty

No one likes to let their team members down, particularly when doing so means they get shot to smithereens.

The nbn will allow you to experience the full-throttle version of Call of Duty (i.e. the way it was always meant to be played). There are a couple of annoying lags that occur due to our current Aussie internet speeds, like when you’re running to a destination then it jumps back to where you began. Or when you think you’ve fired multiple shots on an enemy but then they kill you in just a couple of hits.

But never fear, nbn is here. Performance issues will (hopefully) no longer exist.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The nbn is about to make downloading games much faster, so you’ll be able to download and play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, at not only a cheaper rate than purchasing in store, but with the added bonus of not needing to wait days on end for your download to complete. With an action-packed game such as The Witcher, you won’t be wanting to wait long to play.

Not to mention you’ll be able to experience the super crisp, epic graphics without any of the lag. Can I get a whoop-whoop?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

There is no worse place to experience the pitfalls of Australian internet than in a game where it’s the last man standing to a brutal fight to the death. PUBG is an awesome multi-player game (in which you can either choose to battle as a team or alone) but again, we suffer from graphic lag and technical difficulties a little too often with our current internet.

The nbn will ensure you’re receiving the best social experience from the moment that parachute opens, and will land you on an even playing field with your international friends and enemies.

Destiny 2

An online-only game such as Destiny 2 requires nothing but the best of internet speeds. A role-playing, first-person shooter game, it’s also a massive multi-player setup that incorporates a cool plotline to invest yourself in. With our current internet servers, Aussies can expect delays when playing against other players based overseas (less so when matched with fellow Aussies), which frankly just takes out all the fun in playing.

With the nbn, you’ll be amazed at how much your performance will improve and you’ll curse bad internet for ever making you doubt your amazing gaming abilities in the first place.


Masters of Minecraft rejoice! The nbn will allow you to host your own server and feel like king of the world. Well, actually, you will be the king of your Minecraft universe, choosing your own rules and building your own community. With the nbn backing you, there shall be nothing to stand in your way as you create the world of your choosing.