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The Best Features of iOS 10 vs Android Nougat

19 Dec 2016
Mariah - amaysim blogger


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It’s been a few months since Android Nougat and iOS 10 and hit our screens, so let’s review the hottest features of each operating system (OS) so you can decide which one’s right for you.

The operating system (OS) that’ll work best for you will largely depend on what you tend to use your phone for the most, so we’ve made it easier to sift through all the facts and features of both Apple iOS 10 and Android Nougat to land on a decision if you’re in the market for a new mobile.

Apple iOS 10

First in the spotlight is Apple’s iOS 10. This OS has been available since mid-September so there’s been some time to digest the changes and celebrate the wins. Here are the top five unique features of Apple’s most recent operating system that you should know if you’re considering an upgrade.

1. Widgets

Gone are the days of unlocking your phone and opening an app to view your notifications. Simply swipe across the screen to the far left to see a snippet of all your latest updates, from weather information to upcoming appointments and messages.

2. Raise to Wake

This neat feature can go uncelebrated all too easily. Working in tandem with Widgets, Raise to Wake uses your phone’s sensors to know when you pick it up, switching the screen back on and displaying your notifications without having to press a single button.

3. Delete Default Apps

Some people can’t live without the compass app, but for the rest (most?) of us, it’s just a space waster. With iOS 10 you can now delete some default apps that come with your iPhone like Stocks, News and Voice Memos, freeing up home screen real estate and storage space – like all other apps, just hold down on them until they start shaking, then tap the small x on the upper corner of the app’s icon.

4. Siri for Devs

Siri was starting to show its age, so Apple has opened up the software to third parties so you can now order an Uber or send a WhatsApp message through Siri.

5. Photo Memories

iPhone’s iOS 10 allows you to create a video timeline of places, holidays and special events, much like what can be achieved with Timehop. You can eve use particular search terms, to retrieve your photos that match that description – for example, search “lake” and you’ll get all photos that contain a body of water. Well played iOS10, well played.

Android Nougat

While Android’s latest OS was released towards the end of August, receiving the upgrade will depend on your device. If you’re still sitting on the candy fence, here are five unique Android Nougat features that make this update standout.

1. Enhanced User Interface (UI)

Visually and functionally, the Nougat interface is slick – you can activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from instant control toggles, reply to messages faster with Direct Reply, and access app settings by pressing and holding a notification.

2. Doze on the Go

Nougat is bettering Marshmallow (the previous Android OS) by introducing Doze on the Go, a power-saving state that keeps your battery topped up by powering off the screen when in motion and keeping apps from waking when detecting changes in the network connection.

3. Daydream Virtual Reality (VR)

Although not compatible with every device, Daydream VR is pretty exciting. The virtual reality platform will pair headsets, controllers and Nougat to facilitate the best VR tech we’ve seen so far.

4. Google Allo

Allo is Google’s hot new messaging app that allows you to perform in-app web searches. The app also makes suggestions based on your messages and photo history with just the tap of a finger. If that all sounds a bit “Big Brother” to you, Incognito Chat encrypts messages end-to-end and allows you to set a message expiry date.

5. Seamless Updates

You’ll never be without your favourite app again with seamless updates from Nougat. You’re able to keep using the app while updates download with two system images running in tandem.

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Which OS has caught your eyes? Still tossing up between Apple iOS 10 and Android Nougat? When you choose your side let me know in the comments below!