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Are Aussies hanging up on the landline?

11 Jun 2015
Julian - amaysim blogger

Julian R

amaysim's PR guy

New research by ACMA highlights that a fair whack of us Aussies are hanging up on the home phone, and some people are even going mobile-only with their internet.

Ongoing surges in data use by everyday Aussies show that people are now using their handsets for far more than talking and texting. Stats from The ACMA’s recently released ‘Australians Get Mobile’ study which vary depending on age, location and household structure tell the story:

  • 5.2 million adult Australians (29%) are mobile-only phone users meaning they own a handset but no fixed-line telephone at home
  • 3.9 million adult Australians (21%) are mobile-only internet users meaning they rely on their mobile device to access the internet
  • 2.1 million adult Australians (12%) are exclusively mobile users meaning they do not have a fixed-line phone or fixed internet connection at home so solely rely on their mobile devices for voice, messaging and internet – an increase of 1.8 million adult Australians (10%) since December 2013.

The ACMA reckons that, “the increased functionality of mobile phones (particularly the increased take-up of smartphones), reduced costs, greater 3G and 4G broadband network penetration, and increased access to Wi-Fi networks are all contributing factors.”

At amaysim, we believe unlimited talk and text and the fact that more and more mobile plans now come with such generous data allowances are also contributing factors (gratuitous plug here – check out our range of amaysim UNLIMITED plans). We also agree that faster network speeds, along with slicker devices, make it easier and more enjoyable to use mobile data doing what you love online. For example, video without painful buffering is a dream and streaming music on a fast mobile connection really is music to our ears.

Interestingly, exclusively mobile users’ online activities are almost exactly in line with those of general internet users. The fact that Aussies are relying on their mobile devices to get their social fix, surf the web and to do life-admin like internet banking, indicates the need for tablets and desktop computers may decrease as a result. Personally, I can’t imagine my household without our iPad – it gets more screen time that our TV most days and makes weekend news reading that much more enjoyable than a five inch smartphone. Then again, five years ago I wouldn’t have imagined that the household laptop would be the most unloved piece of tech in the household and it now sits forlornly gathering dust.

See here if you want to check out the full ACMA findings from the ‘Australian’s Get Mobile’ study.

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