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The best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note8

8 things we’re excited to see from the Samsung Galaxy Note8

31 Aug 2017


amaysim's tech geek

There’s no denying that the Note7 will probably be remembered for all the wrong reasons, but the folks at Samsung are locked and loaded for the comeback of the year with the highly anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

Samsung’s had a pretty stellar year with the launch of its most recent flagship phones. The Galaxy 8 and 8+ set the scene to take on Apple’s 10-year anniversary iPhone head on, and they’re backing it up with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 on 22 September this year.

The Note8’s bursting at the seams with amazing features, but we’ll take a look at the eight that’s got us the most excited.

1. Say hi to Samsung's biggest screen yet

Don’t let anyone tell you size doesn’t matter. With 6.3-inch Infinity Display, the Note8 really is in a league of its own – expect crystal clear pictures and a totally immersive mobile experience.

2. Zoom in and stay sharp with the Note8's Dual Camera

What’s a giant phone with not one but two 12-megapixel cameras?

The Dual Camera setup lets you take crystal clear photos and close-ups with lightning fast auto-focus. Different focal length lenses will let you capture photos with some depth, giving you the effect of some larger DSLR cameras.

3. Unlock your phone just by looking at it

The Note8’s updated Iris Scanner technology is a secure and incredibly simple way of unlocking your phone. It'll scan your eye’s unique pattern to unlock, but you can also opt to use the Note8's updated facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technology – because four-digit passwords are so 2016.

4. Never miss a memo with the S Pen

Note-taking’s never been easier, thanks to the S Pen. The pressure-sensitive pen lets you send handwritten notes, messages and even gifs – just draw what comes to mind and the Note8 will animate your drawing on messages with ~special effects~.

5. Even more storage

With 64GB of built-in storage and support for up to 256GB extra space, you can safely save your photos, apps and memes from the chopping block.

6. Built in water and dust resistance

Here some news to make those from the accident-prone to the water babies breathe a sigh of relief – the Note8 is water-resistant to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes, so you know it’ll be able to handle real dunks and not just spills or splashes.

It’s also dust resistant, so you can say good-bye to bulky cases and covers.

7. More doing and less waiting with wireless charging

There’s nothing like a flat battery to stop the good times in their tracks. With wireless charging supported on the Note8 though, you’ll be back up and running in no time at all.