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Crowdfunding campaigns 2016

The crowdfunding campaigns that’ll get you excited in winter 2016

23 May 2016
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amaysim's digital stuffologist

Some of the weirdest and most wonderful tech invented over the past few years found its legs through crowdfunding.

Winter is coming and Kickstarter has some innovative campaigns to give you a bout of warm fuzzies that’ll last through the chilly months. It’s philanthropy from the comfort of your armchair—with undeniable benefits.

I love that Kickstarter has made a promise to positively impact society through their support in bringing creative ideas to life. So, where should you be directing your hard earned funds? We’ve found a few of the most interesting Kickstarter campaigns waiting for your dollar bills.

Bluetooth enabled hoodie – Hiody

Do you get a kick out of using hands-free to appear as though you’re talking to yourself when you speak on the phone in public? Then Hiody is the crowdfunding campaign for you! It’s a hoody with inbuilt speakers and a microphone in the hood. So you can sit at a bus stop and chat away on the phone, giving passers by the impression that you’re having an in-depth conversation with yourself about what to cook for dinner.

Hiody has a phone jack hidden in the front pocket that connects your phone/music device to the speakers. You can listen to music without using headphones with the hood up or start an impromptu street dance party by pumping it with the hood down.

Help fund Hiody

Heated sleeping bag by Ravean

Ravean are the masterminds (and advocates for naked sleeping) behind the heated jacket that got started a few years ago through Kickstarter funding. They’ve now taken that technology and crammed it into a sleeping bag liner. Rather than force you to buy a whole new sleeping bag, Ravean have improved on the camping gear you probably already have. They’ve created two sleeping bag liners, the Simple Heated and the Wearable Bag Liner.

The Simple Heated liner has heating elements that wrap around your core and your feet, with two battery packs in the end of the bag. You can also cinch the top of the bag closed so that you’re completely enclosed in a warm cocoon. The Wearable Bag Liner can be (but definitely shouldn’t be) worn out and about to keep you warm when you’re brewing tea or combing your carefully maintained beard (beard is not included in purchase of bag).

Help fund Ravean

WayCap – Refillable coffee pods

It’s difficult to tell whether WayCap began as a classical music collective or an environmentally friendly coffee capsule company. Either way, they make delightful music and have solved thesustainability problem that Nespresso created for the world. WayCap is a refillable silver coffee capsule that is compatible with Nespresso machines. The only waste product that they produce is the leftover coffee grinds, which you can distribute around your house in various pot plants. If you’re not quite sold on this one, make sure you head over to the page to watch the explainer video. If the smooth jazz and dulcet tones of Matteo don’t convince you, then nothing will.

Help fund WayCap

Brixo – Building blocks meet electricity and IoT

Brixo is Lego on acid—and their explainer video is pretty similar too. With the Brixo blocks you can create shapes that light up and move when they’re triggered by sound, touch, and IoT.

You no longer have to give up playing with Lego when you finish primary school. Brixo is playing blocks for adults. Or if you’re looking to build something practical, they’ve got a few ideas for you on the page: make a treat dispenser for your pooch or build a nightlight that is activated by voice.

Help fund Brixo

Surfboards for a shared planet

Even if you’re not a surfer yourself, the eco-friendly work that Moss Research are doing is something to get on board with. Jake Moss was getting sick of making surfboards out of synthetic materials and found a way to use plant based and recycled materials instead.

The result is Eco-Flex®, which uses recycled foam and plant-based bio resins. If you’ve ever considered taking up surfing, watching the beautiful campaign video will push you over the edge.

Help fund Eco-Flex

Have you seen any exciting tech coming up this winter? Anything that we need to try out? Let us know in the comments.

Jen - amaysim's digital stuffologist.