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Moving to Australia or coming for a holiday? Don’t get a new phone

06 Sep 2016
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amaysim's content guy

So you’re fresh off the boat and excited to see what Australia has to offer. As a new person in a strange land, the last thing you want to be doing is figuring out how to pay for a whole new phone to use.

It’s confusing enough trying to figure out tram and train services (and whatever a “babycino” is) without also wasting time working out the right mobile plan for your travels.

Luckily there are options for keeping your faithful phone companion at your side even as you traverse Australia, meaning you can get to posting Snapchats with seemingly unpronounceable signs as fast as you can mess up saying “Woolloomooloo.”

Getting there

If you’re type A, or at least proactive enough to know that the more you can plan in advance of your trip or move the better, you’ll want to make sure that your cell service is worked out before you land. But spontaneous types need not worry because even if you wait until the last minute (and by last minute I mean when you’re on the airport shuttle realising your old SIM card doesn’t work), amaysim’s hassle-free SIM-only mobile plans have you covered.

Just get to your hostel or hotel’s computer once you’re in Sydney’s or Melbourne’s CBD and amaysim can have a contract-free SIM card delivered to you in under three hours – enough time for you to figure out how to cross the road without getting hit by a car going “the wrong direction” if you’re from the States.

Getting going

These days you’ll want to save up your money to party in Oz (the cocktail prices can be a buzzkill), so being able to get unlimited talk and text in Oz and 8GB of data for $25 will make you feel #blessed. If living large is your thing and you wouldn’t dream of dampening your brand by posting less than an Instagram an hour, don’t stress – there are plans offering up to 80GB of data, enough to let you upload every hilarious video you took of your friend screaming while scaling the Harbour Bridge.

If a long expiry mobile plan sounds more suited to your needs, see our 6 month plan or 1 year expiry mobile plan so you don't have to worry about phone payments each month.

Finding public Wi-Fi hotspots around Australia is always a tedious task (who wants to spend half their Saturday morning sitting at a Maccas?!), and with the bigger cities’ winding train and bus routes you’ll want to be able to get your schedule down pat on your terms (or at least be able to reliably call yourself an Uber).

If you find yourself traveling a lot you’ll want to be wary of phone dead zones in the remote outback – luckily, amaysim uses the Optus 4G Plus Network, which cover 98.5% of Aussies and has made serious headway in making regional Australia mobile data-accessible. You’ll thank yourself for making the choice when you realise how early small towns shut down (and how long riding the XPT from Sydney to Melbourne takes).

Getting back in touch

It’s hard enough getting time zones aligned with your friends and family back home without having to worry about who has the international minutes to talk. Even though it’s not 1998, international calling can somehow still mean a seriously nasty phone bill surprise to people who don’t usually use it. Luckily you can avoid the guilt of making your relatives pay an ‘arm and a leg’ to talk to you with unlimited calls to 10 countries on all of amaysim’s UNLIMITED mobile plans.

You’ll also score 300 minutes of international calls to an additional 22 selected countries on our UNLIMITED 80GB plan, so breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’ll only have to deal with the bumbling awkwardness of figuring out how to give everyone you know some serious FOMO because you got to attend a koala sanctuary in the few overlapping hours where you’re all awake.

Understand how to easily get in contact with friends and family back home with our simple country calling guides. Call New Zealand, South Korea or the USA in 4 easy steps!

Don’t waste your time in Oz on paying off phones (you’ll understand what I mean when you see the prices of long term plans) or getting stuck in a new contract when you could be up and running with an easy-to-use hassle free mobile plan in under three hours after landing. Get on your feet and get going - it’s the Aussie way!